….you believe you can time travel and lived before Jesus Christ….

One of the best email’s I have ever received from a student….

“Hey Mr. Romano! I don’t really have anything different to say from last year’s request. But, I asked you write my recommendation because I feel that you’re the only teacher that truly seeds the growth in your students. Apparently, I’m not the only one who believes this because Ivory also thought that it would be a good idea to ask you.

 I also asked you to write my recommendation because you’re one of the most logical Girard teachers I know. I’m usually attentive during your class discussions. Of course this excludes you and Georgie’s debates. They’re usually extremely annoying. But a lot of times I find myself thinking why everyone can’t think like that. For example, your view on gay union and respect for other’s belief in religion. Although I can’t believe everything that you say. After all, you believe that you can time travel and lived before Jesus Christ.

 You’ve not only experienced me as a student, but as a player as well. You’ll be the first head coach that the team has had two years in a row! Aren’t you lucky! : D Apparently you see or saw something in me. You’ve written me recommendation before and I won MVP last year.

 Mr. Romano, please write my recommendation. I need it. Desperately. Thanks for your time and consideration.”


Name omitted for student privacy

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