Good climbers summit, great climbers know when the summit is out of reach….

….I am sort of out of sorts.  Tomorrow is the Broad Street Run, something I have been training for since February.  However I will not be running it.  Last Saturday after a fun-filled day training at WHYY on media production I felt very tired.  I decided to close my eyes for a short nap before heading out to a friends BBQ…..I woke up 8 hours later feeling like I got hit by a freight train.

I have not been sick in over two years, the last time I was sick was winter of 2009/2010 when I was within minutes of Aqila calling 911.  I was dropped for two weeks with temperatures eclipsing the 104 degree mark several times and what I can only describe as hellish fever induced hallucinations.   I was able to get to the doctor who after lots of concern and tracheal swabs diagnosed me with atypical pneumonia.

After a month of antibiotics I rebounded but was told there could be so long term effects and possible relapses.  Whatever I thought, that is for future me…..

….present me is past me’s future me.  So Sunday I don’t move off my couch, Monday, I get up to go to work only to find myself exhausted and on gasping for breath. So reluctantly I call in sick.  No worries I thought, one day of rest and I will be back on it.  My health declined, I wasn’t able to take deep breaths, severe congestion, splitting headache, and exhaustion.

I called my doctor on Wednesday, she said if there is no improvement, call her the next day, I improved, started moving around the house and doing some light housework and immediately got worse.   I called her the next day told her what happened, and she said “REST REST REST!!!!”  With a strict order that if I get a fever that breaks 100 degrees to come right in.  Luckily I never really got a fever which means my body was fighting it but my lungs were taking the brunt of it.

Which is a great segue to The Broad Street run, “…are you serious….” was her response.  “No way, unless you want to end up in the hospital, try taking a deep breath, can you? No? Then obviously not.”  Smart doctor, she knows me well and knows how to put me in my place.

But it doesn’t help me, I hate quitting at something, I tried to many times as a kid but was conditioned by my dad that quitting is not an option.  While I know I am not quitting, it still feels that way because I committed to running and now I am not.  My rational pre-frontal cortex is telling me that backing out because of health is not quitting, but my amygdala is yelling “NO EXCUSES!!!”.

This reminds me, did you know most mountaineers die not trying to reach the summit, but on the way down?  You see a good climber knows that if they don’t summit by a certain time, they must turn around because they will be descending at a dangerous time for weather and mountain conditions.  But it is hard to turn around 200 feet from the summit just because it is the designated time to turn back.  So they continue on, and then hit dangerous weather on the way back and die, dangerous weather they would have been clear from if they had turned around.

Good climbers summit, great climbers know when the summit is out of reach.

I have hit my turnaround time, a time when good judgement must win over blind glory.  The summit will be there next year and I want to make sure I am healthy enough to make my ascent when the opportunity rolls around again.

Speaking of I got some blood work back, if any of you doubt the paleolithic diet here are some results….

LDL cholesterol 83.

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