Reach Out and Touch Facts…

I just watched the pilot of Touch, first off, it is incredible.  But more so is my excitement in seeing the Golden Ratio enter mainstream.  Anyone who knows me, or has seen me shirtless knows I have examples of the Golden Ratio tattooed on my body.  The trailer will get you hooked on the show…

But it made me search for my past journal entries from five years ago where I ranted on the subject…..



So I have been doing a lot of reading on the golden ratio (phi, the irrational number above) and its unbelievably subtle occurances in nature. Most people know that a shell will spiral in relation to the golden ratio, that the seeds spiral in a sunflower to the golden ratio, and even a diving peregrine falcon (capable of speeds of over 200 mph’s) will spiral in the confines of the golden ratio! The human body is a myriad of golden ratio examples. It is THE defining number of our life. 

Perhaps it is because of reading about it, thinking about it, talking about it, that I also dream about it. On Saturday night I had a funky dream about the internal workings of my body. As if a little me was in me and checking up on things. I remember that my main concerns as I was travelling around was my pH level and my temperature. This got me thinking about some things. The two major factors in cell respiration are temperature and pH. Yet we put so little stress on making sure our bodies have an appropriate acidity balance. Strangely enough the Kombucha Tea I have been working with has a pH of about 2.8 (acidic). It is believed to restore a good acidic balance in the body. So I have been drinking it incrementally. Starting with a few ounces and then getting up to 12 ounces a day. It tastes like sparkling apple cider with a little kick at the end.

Back to my dream. I remember taking stock of my food intake of fat, carbohydrates and protein. I kept working on some numbers and stating that I am eating in an improper ratio. I am not sure what I meant by this but when I woke up I began thinking a lot about it on Sunday.

The way I look at it your body needs fat, needs carbohydrates and needs protien. However what do we need more of? Well carbohydrates get turned into glycogen (a form of sugar) for our body to use. This is what we call upon when our muscles are no longer getting enough oxygen, for example when you are exerting them and you begin to breath rapidly to deliver more oxygen but can’t, the muscles start using the stored glycogen….hence the reason why athletes carbo load the day before their race or game.

Then I began thinking about fat, it contains twice as much energy as carbohydrates, but when we take in both fat and carbohydrates are body stores the fat and uses the carbohydrates, if we don’t exercise we never use the carbohydrates and we definitely don’t use the fat. Once Carbohydrates are used up we then turn the energy rich fat in our bodies….this is why the atkins diet works so well.

Then you have protein, glorious protein. This complex chain of amino acids is the secret to getting into better shape. Protein chemically takes a lot of energy to break down, energy in our bodies is known as calories, the more protein you consume (which can’t be stored as fat) the more your body has to burn calories to break it down, thus increasing your metabolism and leading to a healthier body.

So what does this have to do with the ratio? Well it is far fetched, but possible that the golden ratio is probably a guideline on the amount of fat, carbohydrates, and protein we should consume. 

I did some research and found that there is a person who is already working with this, although a little differently. He uses a lot of breads. It is my goal to use a lot of proteins. So I have started an experiment on myself (which is going to be HARD!) where I have designed an eating schedule that reads as follows…..

Breakfast (7am)= 2 egg whites over whole wheat bran bread

Midmorning (10am) = 30 grams mixed nuts 17 grams cheese

lunch (12:30pm) = half turkey breast sandwhich on whole wheat flax with mustard

afternoon (2 :30pm)= other half of sandwhich from lunch

late afternoon (4:30pm) = 30 grams blueberries (or rasberry)

Dinner (6:30pm) Fish or chicken with garlic, greens and lemon

The one thing I have noticed about this is that my energy level throughout the day is extraordinary. I have no dips in my level, it stays pretty continuous througout the day. My appetite is also lessened. Using 6 small meals of varied foods and tastes leaves me craving nothing. I also noticed that I have not had any diet soda at all, nor have I craved it like I used to. I am also drinking 3 liters of water a day. This is beneficial in so many ways it rehydrates your body (which can take months to correctly rehydrate your intestines if you didn’t drink a lot of water before, like me), it flushes toxins out of your body, and you burn calories running back and forth to the bathroom!!

So what does this all mean? Well perhaps this tubby individual can get into better shape through this eating style and exercise. My first goal is to make it through this weekend without eating crappy foods. The weekdays are easy for me, but its those easy going weekends that get me. So, goal number one, make it through the weekend.

The diet worked incredibly well and anyone who knew me 5 years ago remembers I was down to a strong 168 pounds and doing extremely well.  but  as we all know, sometimes we find a way to stray from good practices.  However I am now back on that track.  The last piece of the puzzle is for me to find the only tattoo artist I trusted to put precise geometrical patterns on my body.  It is not easy to draw a perfectly straight line on a body, let alone a spiral that follows a strict ratio.  Lalo (the artist) understood the pattern, in fact it haunted him in much the same way it has me.  He was stunned when I came through his door with my request.  He spent 2 hours drawing the golden rectangle and spiral on my arm to make sure it was precise.

I have been patiently waiting for him to resurface before I add my next example.


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