Haven’t We Been Here Before?

Philadelphia is off to a great start….

New Year’s Eve gave us six, yes, SIX homicides in Philadelphia.  As if that wasn’t enough this week a man got into an argument with another man walking his dog and then proceeded to stab his dog to death….

….a delivery man arrived to an address with food, was robbed, tried to run and was shot in the back…..

…then there are these idiots….

We will reach a point as a city where the citizens will no longer stand for it. I would pay $100 to be able to take a shot at one of these guys locked in a stockade on city hall steps……wait, did I just solve the crime and budget problem of Philadelphia?

Seriously, can we please start public humiliation with the ability to pay for punching, kicking, or hurling rotten food at the guilty?

…and again, I call upon Rorschach….


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