Particle Man and the Duality of His Life.

I arrived at my parents house and they were huddled in our back hall with my sister Tia.  They were terrified and when they saw me they rushed me into the back hall.   I was caught off guard and confused.

My mom told me there was something, not someone, but something in their room and it had become aggressive.   I looked at my dad who had a blank stare and no explanation, my sister was crying, my mom was keeping it together just enough to console her.

“What do you mean something?!” I asked.

“Something, not human, not even animal, like a ghost, a ghost of light” my mom replied.

I gave her a quizzical look and didn’t quite believe it.  “Wait, if it is a ghost, how can it be stuck in your room, why doesn’t it just pass through the walls?”.

“How should I know?” She said  “All I know is a swirl of millions of little lights is in our room, and it got very violent when we approached it.  I slammed the door shut and we ran down here.”

I didn’t bother asking why they didn’t leave the house, but my curiosity started to build and I began to turn the doorknob of the back hall to go check it our for myself.  My mom begged me not to go, and my dad grabbed my shoulder and said “You’re not going up there alone”.

We walked out into the kitchen and looked up at the ceiling above us.  I slowly reached for the machete that was strapped to my back and unsheathed it.  “What the hell do you think that will do?” My dad said.

“I got a hunch, lets go, oh, take your shoes off, trust me….”

We went up the stairs, and listened at the door, it was quiet.   I opened it a crack and looked in, there at the back corner of the room were millions of tiny lights flowing in a beautiful cadence as if it were breathing.  I stared at, it focused hard and would try and track one particle of light, but I couldn’t, every time I tried to follow its path I got thrown off…..then it hit me.   These tiny lights, the way they move, wave-like and particle like at the same time.

“Huh, would you look at that” I said.

“What” “My dad replied “All I see is a bunch of lights swirling around.

“Follow me, you took your shoes off right? Step onto the rug in my bedroom.  Keep shuffling around like me, don’t lift your feet, build up as much as static charge as you can.” I responded as I shuffled in circles on the carpet in my room.  Grab as much metal in your hands as you can, make sure it touches your skin, nothing else, make sure we stay apart from one another, we are going to need as much charge as we can get.”

My dad looked at me. “Look, I know you are a science type, but this doesn’t make any sense, when that thing attacks us we can’t go swinging metal rods, and throwing little shocks at it, did you see it, it is a Goddamn cyclone of light.”

“NO!” I exclaimed, “That thing is a Goddamn cyclone of photons, now follow my lead, make your body and metal cover as much surface area as possible, like you are trying to net it, and when it comes at us, DO NOT RUN, hold your ground.  The more you move the more electrons you lose from the static charge we just built up and the more vulnerable you will be….ready?”

My dad gave me a half-hearted look, not quite trusting what I was doing enough to have confidence in the plan, but enough to carry it out.

I leaned across the hall, opened the door to my parents room without leaving the rug, and spread my arms out, to block the path down the hall to the stairs, and my dad stood reaching out blocking the other direction so the entity could only go into the rugged room.

As soon as the door opened it went from a cyclone to an avalanche of light, but as soon as it exited the door and hit the metal rods in our hands and our arms, it began to break up and scatter all over the place, it could not hold itself together.

“Keep rubbing your feet on the rug, we need to generate more charge!” I yelled.

So we stood there shuffling our feet and watching this avalanche of photons, turn into a river, then a stream, then instantaneously scatter in every direction until there was literally nothing left.

My dad had a look of awe on his face, “Thank you son, Thank you, but how..I don’t…I mean…what…” I walked over to him, gently shocked him with the leftover electrons still stuck to me and said “Don’t thank me, thank Heisenberg and his Uncertainty Principle.

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