What do I make?

Around this time of year, when being a teacher is the hardest we all need reminders as to why we do it.  Because I would love to lavish the ones I love with extravagant gifts but I cannot……or can I?

I was lucky, I grew up with a balance of feet on the ground and head in the clouds, with parents who told me to follow my love, but make sure I am comfortable.  But along the way I have met the type of person who makes a snide remark or snarky comment when they find out I am a teacher.  I don’t bother to tell them I was researcher for the Smithsonian and published at 21.

I have faced crocodiles, cobras, and Komodo dragons, I never made much money, I won’t argue that.  But I will tell you this.  Those people who laugh at a teacher’s salary and what we do, well, they are weak.  Weak because they couldn’t come in and make four back to back 50 minute presentations on photosynthesis.  I have heard business types stress over a presentation they have to do that week.  I often laugh because I do four 50 minute presentations a day.

I have 80 teenagers a day trying to break me, shake me, and make me lose it.

I could write on and on, but I think Taylor Mali says it best….

Turn your speakers up, you are going to want to hear this….

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