Occupy Wall Street?

I wasn’t sure if even wanted to weigh in on this here but I decided to after I watched people bitch and moan and complain about police brutality and the big bad greed of corporations.

First, greedy corporations?  Is this something new?  Our country has been set up to let these corporations flourish, it is called capitalism.   Every mom and pop store that exists wants to make money, I am dying to meet the homegrown business that goes. “Whoa, we are making enough money, lets stop now.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand some companies break laws, and do some shitty things, but think of yourself.  How many of us have skirted laws, whether it be car insurance, talking on the cell phone while driving, taxes, etc?  Anything to save us a few bucks and make our life easier.  Corporations do what we do on a larger level.  Why?  Because corporations are not some entity, corporations are run by people, and people skirt laws.

What really, REALLY irks me about occupiers is they don’t know how to protest.    Here are the rules….

1. Have your demands clearly written and stated.

2. A successful protest must involve sacrifices by protestors to show the public the suffering they are willing to endure to get what they want.  Drum circles, and mic checks are not sacrifices.

3. You cannot use the items of the opressor to enhance your protest. It shows that as a protestor you are not willing to give up that luxury so why should anyone?

4. Making life harder for the general public will not get them on your side.

That is basically it.  Having drum circles while tweeting on your iPhone about how bad corporations are is the equivalent of complaining about how long a ski lift takes to get to the top of the mountain.

If you want to bring down corporations who’s power is fueled by money, you stop feeding them money and they lose power.  However if you continue to buy and use their products you are only feeding the beast.  That is like feeding a lion cub and wondering why it is growing into a lion.

Hey shithead, you are giving it food, so it is growing.

Next, police brutality.

No one in the Occupy Wall Street has been a true victim of police brutality.  Here are some examples….

Police Brutality:


This is not Police Brutality, this is police being taunted by spoiled kids and then doing their job when said kids won’t respond.  The best is the d-bag filming with his iPad.

People for some reason, think they can taunt police and hurl insults at them.  That is incredibly disrespectful.  If you are breaking the law or occupying a spot you shouldn’t be and you refuse to listen to the request of policemen then EXPECT to be forcefully removed.

If I was protesting, and standing in the street, and the police told me to move.  I would probably be passionate enough about the issue to not move, but I would also expect to be reacted to with force.

By the way, pepper spray is not force.  I have been the collateral damage in a pepper spraying, and it was not that bad.  Uncomfortable yes, but not brutal.  “Police brutality” is the only reason these heehaws have any media attention, so they should be thankful.

But if you want true recognition, protest like you mean it….

You do not react with words, you do not react with violence, you take it, and you do not react, then the people and the world will be behind you….

Have we learned nothing from Gandhi and the salt mines?

Now if you were really passionate, and you really wanted the world’s eyes on you, then you go the Buddhist Monk route….

This is, without a doubt, the most POWERFUL protest I have ever seen.  Watch the people, protestors and police alike stop everything they are doing…your eyes will well up, and you will feel a tightness in your chest by the end of this video.

These people are making ZERO sacrifices, so they will get ZERO respect.

I am in the 99%, I am not wealthy, nor will I ever be.  But you know what?  I have been to developing countries where people truly have it bad.  Even our homeless here have it much better than people in developing countries.  Hell our prisoners have it much better than people in other countries.

So if you can afford an iPhone and a data plan, STOP FUCKING BITCHING!



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8 responses to “Occupy Wall Street?

  1. Mike

    By the looks of it, the first video is *not* police brutality. Watch it again – the guy is resisting. Should the police say “Ok, sorry sir, I see that you don’t want to comply so we’ll be on our way then.” It’s a small step from resisting to grabbing the cop’s gun or getting infected blood into a wound that the cop sustained trying to arrest the guy.

    If you don’t want cops beating you into compliance, don’t resist. They need to use force to get people to comply for their safety and for ours.

  2. The way I view it, they had opportunity to cuff him which would have rendered him immobile, but chose to work him a bit with the club.

  3. Mike

    At what point in the video did they have the opportunity to cuff him? He’s resisting at every point in that video until around the 1:00 mark when the female officer is telling him to roll over. It turns out that you can’t cuff someone behind their back when they’re laying on their back. He was *probably* done fighting at that point and she might have been able to ease up on him, but don’t forget what happened during the rest of the video prior to this point. There’s maybe a second in there where he *might* be willing to be rolled on his stomach and cuffed. But we’re also watching from a distance and don’t see everything.

    If two cops just spent the past few minutes struggling to subdue a non-compliant suspect, then I’m going to defer to their judgement as to when they think it’s ok to stop applying force. There is a fine line there – stop to soon and they risk being killed either immediately or by a blood-borne disease. Stop too late, and the guy who’s just been putting up a hell of a fight against *two* cops gets an additional bruise or two but everyone goes home alive. Recognize that the further you tell cops to stay on the kid gloves side of that line, the more cops will get killed.

    And what’s the context here? Did this guy just jaywalk, did he rob the gas station, stab someone, what? Is he known to the police to be Hep-C or HIV-positive (as a ridiculous number of people who have been through the prison system are)? It’s too easy to look at a few seconds of video and say “They should have done this or that” – but the goal is that peoples’ rights aren’t violated and police apprehend criminals. People don’t have a right to resist arrest and not be met with force. And after putting up a fight with the police, they shouldn’t expect that police will use their psychic powers to know when they’re finally done fighting. Hindsight is 20/20.

    There’s a very easy way to avoid getting beaten as you’re fighting with two police officers and resisting arrest. Want to guess what it is?

  4. Fair enough, all good points.

    I ask this, had been a larger, stronger cop, could they have cuffed him with less force?

  5. Mike

    Yes, I believe a stronger, larger cop would have had less trouble subduing him. But let me turn that around and say that a smaller, weaker suspect would have been easier to cuff and with less force as well. So the answer is to encourage a greater proportion of female criminals. You know, everyone being equal and all that 😉

  6. Admittedly it is a weak video of police force, but I literally had to weed through 100 videos to find one that wasn’t from “Occupy”.

    I often wonder how some police (man or woman) pass the physical fitness cut at the academy.

  7. Mike

    Affirmative action is a big part of it. My father became a Philly cop (for the second time) when he was 59. He had to go through the academy again and everything. There was a sliding requirements scale for physical fitness – where the older you were the lower the requirements. Young guys had to be able to run around a track in under X minutes, but he and the 60 year old woman in the academy with him lazily walked the track at their own pace – my father smoking a cigarette while doing so.

    I question whether some departments are more concerned about being PC and/or not being sued than being able to effectively apprehend criminals. I believe that each new cop should be the answer to the question “Who is the best person we can get to effectively apprehend criminals?” instead of “Who does society think deserves the job most?”

  8. mike

    I was reminded of this blog post when I stumbled upon a video showing an angry man with a knife. Apparently his ex left him and was shacking up with someone new, which upset him. Police were called and as you can see in the video, dealt with him very poorly:

    The relevant parts are from about 4 minutes on. It looks like the police all had guns, yet for some reason were reluctant to use them, or to even keep a safe distance from the guy. Even the officer standing 4 feet (striking distance) away from him has a rifle but keeps it pointed at the sky.

    This is an extreme example of what happens when police don’t take violent criminals seriously. I’d also wager that it’s an excellent example of either very poor training or very unfortunate rules regarding the use of force.

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