And the beat goes on….

Admittedly I got some good sleep last night.  I made sure to try and go to bed at a decent hour.  Lately I have been falling asleep to “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.  There is nothing more entertaining than falling asleep to the sound of Larry David moving awkwardly through life.   I awoke at around 6:30am, showered, ran to CVS to pick up some wet cat food for Elroy who prefers wet food in the morning.   Speaking of, I have learned I will be a terrible parent.

Well, what I mean is this, my kids will most likely be fat and uncontrollable.   I can’t say no to lil’ Elroy whenever he wines a bit for some food, immediately I go running for his fave, “meaty bits” wet food and feed him.   Then when he is done, I will still give him some of my hotdog, or sausage, or whatever meat I am eating……then when he is ready to sleep a bit, I bring him for some belly and neck scratches.

So as I was doing my business in the bathroom with the door open this morning I would hear a stampede of paws and see a flash of orange, then black go by.  Four or five times I would see the same scene fly by the door, from living room to bedroom, bedroom to living room, over and over again.  I knew Aqila was sleeping, or at least trying to sleep, and at this point I assumed she had been woken up by the cats playing.  I asked her later that morning if they were jumping on the bed.  Her voice said it all “On me, over me, it was like I wasn’t even there…”  I had to chuckle a bit at the thought of Aqila trying to sleep while two cats played feverishly around her.

As you can see by the video below Elroy and Lamar are becoming BFF’s, or Best Friends Forever.  It is sort of warming to see.

Today was a long day at school, between some discipline issues, a leaky turtle tank, and feverishly trying to grade papers I just wanted it to be over with so I could get out to soccer practice.  The day was perfect and I just wanted to get outside with the team and work on some skills.  We have our quarterfinal playoff game on Thursday and a lot or prep work to do.   So today, for two hours, we practiced, inside of the foot, squaring hips, redirection, over and over again.

I am not going to lie, I don’t like losing, especially when we don’t have to.   So I want to work as much as possible, but every game I can feel my blood pressure rise, the acid in my stomach bubble, and my whole body tense.  Part of me will be glad when the season ends, but part of me will miss coaching this team.  The beauty of it is that every player will be back next year, we don’t have any seniors.

So it has been a long day, but it is not over, not by a long shot.  We have a show tonight at 10:30pm, yes, 10:30pm we go on.   I am not going to lie, usually by 10:30 I am getting into my bed to settle down to fall asleep to a little curb your enthusiasm.  But tonight I will most likely be awake well past midnight and then go into a very long day of chemistry, grading, and soccer.

But as they say, the beat, well the beat goes on.

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