Am I getting older?

Last night I went out with two friends, we will call them Springbok and Hoo-Ra, who were able to secure babysitters so they could come out with their wives for dinner.   Just for full disclosure, their wives are quite hilarious and understanding.  Like me, they have a severe sense of humor and need very patient women in our lives.

So we picked a restaurant that was central to all of us and decided on a time.  This was Hoo-Ra’s first night away from their baby which was born at the end of January.  However Springbok and his wife are seasoned parents who have been out many times while leaving their children at home, and Aqila and I? Well we just got engaged, so we are the newest members of the “settling down” club.

We went to a place called Matador’s, a Spanish themed tapas restaurant.  Which segued perfectly into Springbok discussing growing up in South Africa and going to his friends farm to whack their bull in the testicles with a stick.  Which then segued into discussing if this would be possible to do to Hoo-Ra considering he may, or may not be a woman based on his hand gestures and fashion sense.

In a somewhat real sense our friends asked about wedding plans thus far and we had no answers, we are going to start to discuss it in about 2 weeks when things have settled down a bit.  Springbok was pushing for some sort of family at home version of a wedding and then a friend destination wedding on some tropical island, mostly so he could have a vacation form his kids.

Springbok and Hoo-Ra, and I have a somewhat childish relationship, we still haven’t graduated from “dick and fart” jokes.   As we sat at the table eating between full on ab workout laugh sessions, mostly about the questionable status of Hoo-Ra’s sexual orientation (not that there is anything wrong with it), I looked around and realized the life I am going into is exactly the life I want.

So when I woke up this morning after having some pretty boring dreams of coaching a rag tag team of hockey players to a HS championship (not sure where that came from), I walked out into the Autumn air and purchased some eggs, bacon, and pumpkin spiced coffee.  Came home and made Aqila an egg and bacon sandwich, sipped some coffee while catching up with Facebook and Twitter, and will most likely do some garden work, and then settle in to watch the last couple of episodes of The Walking Dead season 1 before season 2 premiers tonight.

And this morning, as I sat reflecting on the fact that I am getting older I get a text from Hoo-Ra that reads

Hoo-Ra: “Dude, our sitter just asked us if we were into threesomes. I just looked at my wife and waited for     her to answer.”

Me: “Isn’t she like 50”

Hoo-Ra: “At least 60”

Yeah, I don’t have to worry about that getting older thing.  I have surrounded myself with people who will keep me young.



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