Do you at least have a gun?

Had another intense dream last night.   I am sure it had a lot to do with watching Sons of Anarchy before going to bed, but only in regards to the characters in the dream.

So I was driving down a very deserted country road with Katie Sagal.  She was the character Gemma on “Sons of Anarchy” in my dream.   It must have been 2 or 3 in the morning and she starts complaining that she needs to go to the bathroom.   But she refuses to go in the woods.   We see this old farmhouse and stop there so she can knock on the door.

An old woman is talking to us from behind the door…..and we eventually convince her to let us in.  She is calm, but starts apologizing to us about the hesitation but a gang of men just tried to rob her an hour ago and she was able to chase them away, but they said they would be back.

I was a little taken aback about how calm she was being in regards to the whole thing.   But she welcomed us, took us in, gave us some coffee and food.  The sun was beginning to come up when we heard some yelling outside.  It was the group of men again and they were taunting the old woman from outside.

“We have to go” I told her.

“No, I lived here my whole life with my husband, he is gone, and I would rather die here than run like a coward.” she responded.

“Do you at least have a gun?” I said?

“Do I?” she said through a smile and led me down to the basement to a hidden a door.  She opened it up, reached in, and handed me a .50 caliber sniper rifle and then rounds of ammunition.  She gave Gemma a hand gun, and kept one herself.

“Stay in here, I will take care of this.” I said and took off up the stairs.   As I was going up, I was reviewing the weapon in my hand, checking the sight, loading ammo, etc.  I knew how to do everything with ease.  I loaded a very large round in the chamber and stood in front of the door.   I saw the door knob begin to turn and I aimed right above it and fired.  The door splintered apart and a body flew back off the porch.   I knew the rest would be descending on me in minutes so I sprinted straight out of the door and ran away form the house to the tree line.

I heard voices, but didn’t look back.   I found a slight covered hill, ran up, got low, set the gun, and began looking through the scope.   The men were not chasing me bu investigating their downed friend.   I loaded another round in the chamber and took aim.  Just as one of the men was about to enter the house I fixed the cross-hairs on his head and fired, pink mist, no more body in my cross-hairs.

I look, three others turn in my general direction and start screaming.  I take aim, fire, another down, the other two begin to run, same scenario, cross-hairs, head, pink mist, nothing.   No men left, I begin to get up when I hear a scream and see a man dragging the old woman out of the house with a gun to her head.  My heart begins to race and I see him through my scope, he has her head close to his, and he is yelling something in my general direction.  The old woman is bleeding from being hit in the head and I see her touch her hand to the blood.

She struggles a bit with the man, clawing at his face….or so I thought.  When he knocks her hand away I see, above his right eye, the eye furthest away from her head, a red X.

“Well done maam, well done”.

I click my scope to a red dot sight.  I begin to slow my breathing, my heart rate declines, I rhythmically inhale and exhale.  I move the dot until is disappears into the red X and as I am exhaling I effortlessly squeeze the trigger.   This time there is no pink mist, a body with half a head drops next to the standing old woman.

Through my sight I see the tough old bird start kicking the dead man’s body and I begin to laugh.   For the first time I notice flies that have been crawling on my face, sort of annoying, so I begin to swat at them.   All of a sudden I wake up and little Elroy is pawing at my face to wake me up.  He is hungry and I have been sleeping too long.

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