Ringed with the azure world, he stands….

It has been a time since I have a written any post at length.  I guess I have been so busy I have forgotten to express myself blogfully.   I just realized it was October 3rd.   I didn’t even realize September was over.  Work has been busy, plus coaching soccer has added more work to my day.  Teaching, plus coaching is taxing both mentally and physically.   But there is another variable at play.

My diet.

I didn’t even realize it, but since the summer started and I have really ridden myself of all the bad foods my circadian rhythm is like a metronome.   I can fall asleep at 10pm now.  Granted I still wake up almost hourly, but the difference is that I can fall right back to sleep afterwards.  I am still riddled with some very lucid dreams, but instead of staying awake for hours afterward, I fall back asleep…..into another dream.

As you can tell by some of my photos we have a new cat, Elroy.  He is a fun little guy, definitely the runt of his feral litter and to passive to find food in the urban wild he was destined for our apartment.  This time, the cat loves me.   He follows me around the apartment, even into the bathroom.  Sleeps on or next to me.  Often times I get hand full of warm fur when I move at night.   The one downside is that he always hungry.   He has a little potbelly because he eats until he is going to burst.  He will jump into the refrigerator when we open it, and will take running leaps for your plate if you leave it unguarded.   That and he feels the need to sit on the keyboard of the computer when I am using it.

I am guessing he spent so much time starved that he has been conditioned to eat as much as he can when he finds it.  However there is a humorous aspect to this.  He has gas.  I have never laughed harder than when I was holding Elroy and I heard a little squeak come from his butt.  However the smell was not as funny.   So every now and then we hear a little squeak, and a slight stink.

Soccer has been difficult, we do not have the best athletes, they have no more than two years soccer experience behind them, and they play some tough teams.  We have been getting slaughtered 10-1, 12-2, 7-0.  So we worked at practice, we motivated, we pushed.  Last week we lost 5-2.  Something I took as a vast improvement.  So I was just hoping to keep the score respectable today,

The game was a nail-biter.  We took the lead first, then traded goals until it was 3-3.  Then they jumped to a 5-3 lead.   So at halftime I went over the defensive game plan, how to contain their one scorer, then bring another person in to disrupt.  In the second half she was held to one goal.   We scored to make it 4-4.  But we kept missing one on one breakaways, we had plenty of opportunities to finish, but couldn’t do it.   The game was in the last minute when we got a fast break, I was not optimistic based on the 5 other we missed, but with 30 seconds left she snuck in between the goalie and the near post.

Overtime, sudden death.

Our goalie makes a great save, we miss a fast break.  We fight back, we get a throw in down their end, close enough to be a cross, the throw, ball bounces around, we get it, and pop it in.  Game Over, we win.

From losing 12-2 two weeks ago, to winning 6-5 today.  It felt good, damn it felt good.

So what else is going on in my life?  Oh just a little of this…..

Yup, thanks to my friend Justin, and fellow Wolverine enthusiast, I have Wolverine claws, and yes they are sharp.  I have already ripped a pair of pants, punctured my couch, and got them stuck in the coffee table.   Aqila takes a wide berth around me when I am wearing them.

Alright, Romano out.

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