On blocking and body position….

I had the opportunity try my hand at acting a couple weeks ago.    Admittedly I had no clue what I was doing.  However being a teacher faking emotion through body language is a prerequisite.   So I felt I had some experience.   However it is not all just emotion and motivation.   It is about blocking, and hitting marks……and not hitting your leading lady.     It is about having your body in unnatural positions that benefit the camera while acting natural.

However I think after I got the jitters out the first day I fell into a decent acting groove.    However I sort of fucked up when there was a chase seen down some stairs.   I was getting myself motivated to chase the leading actress.   Got my adrenaline going, got my breathing going, began clenching and unclenching my fists.   I was going for blood.    So when I heard action I gave the appropriate wait time, however on this take I was full tilt, got down the stairs more quickly than I should have, missed my mark and realized I was about to body check the actress into a cement wall.  I put on the brakes, but not before I hit her at about half speed.    She was shaken up.  Lets face it, I am a pretty solid guy and I can definitely lay out a grown man on a body check let alone a 5’3″ 105 pound woman.

I thought I broke her ribs, she caught her breath, walked a bit and bounced back.   I was sort of shocked, tough little lady.     But I learned my lesson.   Not paying attention to what you are doing, and missing your mark can lead to someone getting hurt.   So right then I began focusing a lot more.  Making sure that I took direction as best I could.   Which I learned for an actor is all I need to do.   It was put to me in a very specific way.  As an actor, you do what the director says, no comments, just do it.    So as an actor that is my goal.  Shut off my opinions and just do what I am told.   It is sort of tough for someone like me who assumes I am always right, and hubris is my weakness.

But watching the other actress, the director, and the director of photography work made me realize in this arena, I need to shut up and watch the professionals.  So that is what I did.   I think because of this the next two days went well.   The last day I really got to let my inner psychopath out and let loose…….and fucking hell it felt good.  Damn good to just beat my fist against a locker until it was swollen and scream at the top of my lungs.   It was such a great release.    I cannot wait, CANNOT WAIT, to see the trailer.

The dangerous part……I can see how some actors get lost in their characters.

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