An ode to fat…..

Fat, you tasty, lovely, energy filled molecule.  You are the true giver of life and the key to good health.

I had a doctors appointment today to get a checkup on my blood pressure and go over my blood work.  Since the end of January roughly 6 months or 25 weeks ago I have lost 40 pounds.  Roughly a 1.3 pounds a week.   A perfect weight loss curve.   My “bad” cholesterol was 120 and my blood pressure was 110/70.   Now I have none zero, I mean ZERO exercise and by all medical opinions have eaten like a man who is trying to have a heart attack.   For instance in any given day I eat.

A quarter pound of bacon

3 eggs

a steak ( usually at least 12 oz.) or lamb chops or chicken wings or all three.

strawberries and raspberries


I intake about 200-300 grams of fat per day as well as 200-300 grams of protein per day.   However I do not eat sugar, wheat, or dairy.   I have 20-40 grams of carbohydrates per day.    With all this fatty meat my body is cleaning itself out, lowering its blood pressure and clearing the plaque buildup in my arteries and veins.  Why?  Because we have all been lied to from day 1.

I no longer trust the medical field as I trust my own instinct.  As an evolutionary biologist I always knew breads, dairy, and sugars don’t belong in our diet.  But I assume a low fat diet was the way to lose weight because the “experts” told me so.  Well we have been lied to.  In fact it has recently been released and discovered that most studies done in the early 80’s said the key to better health is a high fat low carbohydrate and dairy diet.  However that information was suppressed.  Why you ask?  Think of the deep pockets of the bread and dairy industry in the USA.   The corn and wheat fields of the USA with all their dairy cows as well.   They stood to lose tons of money if this information got out.  So they paid to have it pushed aside.

How many people have suffered and died because of this?  How many heart attacks could have been avoided?   Fat is a wonderful molecule.  It has more energy than carbohydrates.   So why do we get fat when we eat fat?  It is simple.

Back in the day when we were still carrying spears fat was hard to come by.  So when we ate it our body stored it immediately because it was so valuable.  However our diet also had very little carbohydrates in it.  So we burned those first since they were quick, small boosts of energy.   However as we have come into a new era of agriculture we began to eat more and more carbohydrates, our body stored whatever fat we ate because we had carbohydrates available and we evolved to burn carbs first then fat.  Well if you never run out of carbs you just keep storing fat.

So cut out carbs, make your body burn fat.   You will have more energy and will be much healthier.

No more “low fat”.   Now look for “low carbs” for a healthier life.

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  1. Nana

    John, I would like to try your diet. Tell me what to eat so I can lower my colesterol and lose weight. Nana

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