Something from my past writing that is relevant today….

“Come in Hypothalamus this is the Pituitary Gland…over”

“This is Hypothalamus…go ahead..over”

“Yeah, we are going to need a release of endorphins, we are getting a spike in pain receptions from the neurons…over”

“P.G., I am on it…out”

The Organic Machine of course does not converse like this.  It communicates through a series of chemical reactions and molecules known as hormones.  There are a lot of people who talk about the triumph of the human spirit and feelings of love.   As a biologist I am trained to realize that these are little more than chemical reactions.  Often times I would like to believe otherwise, however the dissection of The Organic Machine combined with an extensive knowledge of organic chemistry has shown our emotions to be little more than chemical reactions.

The proof is undeniable.  In fact with increasing technology in medical imaging we are actually witnessing emotions take place in the brain.

We often use the term Love to describe a feeling we have with people we are close to.  Is this unique among humans?  The majority would say it is, however we are not unique.  Bonding with a partner occurs in birds, fish, and mammals.   Evolutionary wise it makes sense, finding a partner to reproduce with is not easy, so when one is found it is beneficial to stay with them as long as possible.  Because of this the brain releases pleasurable chemicals when we are around someone we like, whether sexually or because we feel safe around them…..two important factors in survival.

Because we are smart….but not that smart…we needed to explain these chemical reactions…we call it love…….little more than The Organic Machine communicating with itself.

Don’t believe me?  Scientist have been studying mate bonding in voles (rodents) and they have been able to alter which mate the vole bonds with by altering the chemical reactions in their brains…..

The scientist isolated the hormones responsible…

“I call oxytocin the motherly hormone,” Young said in an interview, “because its release in the body of female voles is involved in uterine contractions, in lactation and in the mother’s early bonding with vole babies. It’s also the hormone responsible for lifelong pair bonding between males and females.

“Vasopressin is closely related to oxytocin, but it’s dependent on testosterone – so it’s the macho version of oxytocin.”

So you are thinking, OK, well that is voles….well human have the same hormones, do they have the same effect?

“Oxytocin is the hormone of monogamy,” said neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine, who directs the Women’s Mood and Hormone Clinic at UCSF which also takes male patients. “If you give men nasal squirts of oxytocin, it increases their trust in others, their ability to be affectionate – it brings out their feminine side, is how I’d put it.”

A simple squirt of Oxytocin into a man’s nose and his feelings of trust and the ability to be affectionate increases.

The Organic Machine is a simple series of chemical reactions.

The Picture of Love…….



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2 responses to “Something from my past writing that is relevant today….

  1. Mom

    Are trying to tell us something? Does this have a happy ending?

  2. Nana

    Have you tryed it on your self

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