Air Conditioned Dream…

….Sorry Henry Miller, but air conditioning is the American Dream.    First I want to apologize to my 7 readers for the three day hiatus.   It’s not you, it’s me.   I was uncharacteristically not feeling the whole internet thing.  Maybe working outside in this garden has made me begin to lose touch the cyber world…….definitely not.    I love the internet and all it provides, however I was finishing my last days of school and was going from meeting to meeting and any computer time I had was for feverishly grading and getting my budgets in order.  Alas I am going back in today to finish my work.

As the 85 degree and 70% humidity days embrace us I am reminded that while most people see the summer as a time to get outdoors and enjoy the weather I view as a time of get inside and get cool.   The autumn is the time to enjoy the weather, 60 degrees, 10% humidity, no layer of sweat causing everything to stick to you.    Humidity is what truly bothers me.    It physically causes me to itch, in fact I take lukewarm showers at most because hot water makes my skin itch.

Yesterday I tried to stay inside and work as much as possible, today I am going to stay inside and work as much as possible.   I went outside to get coffee this morning and stepped into the 90% humidity 6am morning and immediately became flush and physically irritated.   My temper began to rise and as my ears and arms started to itch I was looking for someone to yell at.   As I approached my destination I saw a person walking to the same door.  “Please don’t hold the door for me so I can make a comment about how rude you are and why your simple lack of manners is the reason we have a depraved society” I thought to myself.

She reached for the door, opened it, let it close and I quickly had to make that split second decision on whether I go for the door and risk getting my fingers hammed, or go for the handle.   I went for the handle, opened the door ready to say something to woman and was immediately hit with a blast of cold, dry air, and completely forgot why I was mad before I got through the door.



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2 responses to “Air Conditioned Dream…

  1. Mom

    OMG I completely understand – I am affected by the heat/humidity like you and want inside cool air

  2. I was ready for late October about 3 weeks ago.

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