Technology a double edged sword……

As a teacher I would like to think that cheating does not occur.   However I am a realist, and luckily always check my suspicions.  Like my father I have a natural gut instinct for people.  Not sure what it is but I can sort of look at a person and get an idea as to what they are thinking….or in this case thinking of doing.

Today I gave my final, a 250 question piece of art complete with a true/false section where if, IF it is false they had to correct the statement to make it true….yes, 100 of these.   So I knew students would be tempted.   As I was proctoring the exam I decided to do a little detective work.   I took out my phone and turned on my bluetooth setting.  Then I hit the “scan for devices” button and watched as my phone began picking up all the active phones in the classroom.   Sure enough they started popping up.

Now mind you the tenth grade students should not have active phones on them.   Naturally I subtly mention how some people should make sure they do not have active phones on them.  Then I began to announce the names of the bluetooth devices that were on, the students soon realized what I had done.

They sort of had a look of “uh oh, we can’t out tech him”.   Time to change the game plan.   Evolution is an arms race, one animal develops a better hunting skill, the prey develops a better survival tool, the predator responds by building a better hunting skill, and the game goes on…..


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2 responses to “Technology a double edged sword……

  1. Mom

    professor romano – smarter than your average bear…
    good catch ..

  2. chalk up one for the mind using technology to defeat itself.

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