Los Conquistadores del Inútil

I am an idle body with a revving spirit.

I feel the urge to put down roots, but to roll out with the tide.

I feel the call of the great fade into old age

but I know there is so much adventure I have never known.

I want to harvest beds of seaweed for protein and sand old boats into worthy crafts.

A deep diver connected to the life line of the earth exploring her depths.

A man with a plan that never goes right, but goes the way it needs to.

I want to feel frostbite and dehydration, broken bones and broken spirit.

I see the map of life, birth, growth, marriage, rebirth, age, die….

But I want to find the road not traveled, the one not trekked.

An old ship bobbing in a sea of uselessness with no intention but to bob around.

Sit on a rocky beach with the sun behind me and the moon in front of me.

I want to hoist my sail and snap my mast, roll my vessel and wash up on a beach.

A castaway on the island of myself, not knowing what I will find.

I don’t want a life of accomplishments but a life of journeys.

I don’t want to be a conquerer of the world.

I just want to be a conquerer of the useless.

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