The sea monster predicament….

This one was both awesome and symbolic.   Some background.

In order to move the science curriculum to physics first I am going to have to teach a year of chemistry.  Something I was not too excited about at the beginning, but now that I have been reading the text book I am much more excited to teach it.   However we have been trying to get the schedule solidified so everyone knows where they will be teaching.  So a lot of things are up in the air.  Combine that with a study I am doing with Temple University in my classroom and trying to coordinate how the data will change now that we are doing chemistry.

The dream:

I am heading over to Temple to deliver the chemistry book to the research group so they can get a look at it.    When I get there I am met by Bradley, one of the researchers, we go through security (which we normally don’t have to) and walk into an unbelievable expanse of a room.    It is  dome shape and half of it is glass that overlooks a large waterway.   For some reason I know this is not right but my mind begins to settle in as if this is the norm.   I begin talking to Bradley about the new layout of the classes and how it may change things.  All the while we are walking through a labyrinth of rooms and hallways until we step up onto a boardwalk overlooking the waterway.    There is a small movie theater and we walk in.

I sit down with Bradley and the move begins, it is a movie that Bradley is also starring in, “strange” I thought to myself, “I know Brad acted in some high school productions but never a movie”.   Then I get a text on my phone.

:Get here now, sea monster attack:

I look out of the door of the theater across the waterway and see a large snake like monster attacking our school .   I hop on my boat that is tied to the dock and race over there.   I put my hand down on my hip and check my holster, tranquilizer gun is there, but only two rounds available.    Now as I am racing toward our waterfront school I see this huge beast just tearing things apart, people flying everywhere, it is mayhem.   When I get there, other teachers had taken off, or called in sick that day.    The students and faculty are hiding where they can and I walk to a safe vantage point, crouch behind a fallen wall, take aim with the tranquilizer gun and fire.   It bounces off a tough scale on the monster’s face.  This gets his attention and he looks at me.   I grab the second round, tear off the safety sticker, load it in the gun and take aim.   The monster makes eye contact with me and I remember thinking to myself  “This is where I need a sweet one liner to say before I get a direct hit”.

So as he looks at me, his head the size of a car, locked in a stare with me, my brain searches all the good one liners and I say out loud “Smile you son-of-a-bitch” and when I do it roars, I fire the gun and I see the dart hit the back of his throat.  It lets out a shriek and  it begins squirming around.  I see it is slowed but it won’t go down.  In fact it is more angry now.   I say to myself, “damn, time to break out the big guns”……and I went to my boat and got, well, I got my big guns.   In fact it was two very large 50 caliber automatic guns that are supposed to mounted on top of a ball turret on a humvee that I modified to be worn on the shoulders.  The same style harness that a drummer carries a large drum in a marching band with.

There is a cross sight between the two guns to aim with.   The only problem is feeding ammunition.   So I go to one of my students, who in real life is one of my most trusted students in my snake lab and I say to him. “Look at me, right here in my eyes, I need you to stay right behind me and feed me ammunition as I cut this thing apart, you understand?”  He just stares at me blankly…. “Relax, I have done this before, I just need you to make sure the rounds get fed into the guns correctly.   Do not look beyond me, fix your stare on a point in my back and do not look away.”

I put on the gun, undo the safety on each one and step out from behind cover.   I begin walking toward the beast firing round after round into its body.   It roars and comes at me.  I hold my ground, as I fire I am trying to aim through the muzzle flashes and I can feel my eyes burning from the light.    At this point I am wading through casings of spent ammo.   I begin to march toward it while methodically firing my weapons.   Then my view changes and I am watching myself form another vantage point.  An amazing scene…..

A hundred foot tall snake beast is looming above a man during dusk, the scene eerily illuminated as flashes from the mounted gun go off like camera flashes.  Pieces of beast and ammo are raining down around me and I begin to literally cut the monster in pieces.   I sweep my gun back and forth across its body and the animal begins to break.   As it falls I lower my gun and unload the last of the ammunition into its head.

At this point I am exhausted, the student behind me is barely blinking or moving and the rest of the people come out of hiding cheering.

It is here that I wake up.   The dream was awesome.

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One response to “The sea monster predicament….

  1. John Sr.

    “smile you son of a bitch” from the movie “JAWS” Roy Schieder said it as the “Orca” was sinking, just before he fired his last round into the sharks mouth that was open and had a scuba tank inside. another famous line: “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” or my favorite: “Hooper drives the boat, chief.” JAWS circa 1975, 3 years before you were born……….

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