For the love of the game

There I was, carrying baseball equipment across a frozen pond, it was an enormous amount of equipment, the ice began to make that cracking sound and I knew it was going to break.   But I kept carrying the equipment and wouldn’t put it down, then I watched cracks shoot out across the ice and the next thing I knew I fell through the ice.   Still holding a bag of bats I started sinking like a rock, my mind kept saying “let go of the bats, let go of the bats….”  However I didn’t, my lungs began to burn, my throat hurt and things began going swirly…..then I awoke.

My dreams are definitely telling me something.   I have never been this worn down from work in my life.  Due to rain and schedule issues we had 12 baseball games in 12 days.  This means for the last two and half weeks I had to leave school at either 1:30, 2, or 2:45 in the afternoon to coach.   We would have to go from class, pick up  vans and drive all over the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey to coach games.   Yesterday however was a terrible day.

We had a game way up in New Jersey, about halfway between Philadelphia and NYC to be exact, it is in a place called New Egypt.   So we had a 1:30pm dismissal, I go right from teaching, scramble to get ready, find out we have a bus to get there! Woohoo, I can relax and get work done on the bus.  So we get on the bus, head out for the hour and fifteen minute ride, get a mile from the school and the bus breaks down.   Now we safely get the kids out of the bus that was stuck in the middle lane of the Ben Franklin Parkway in front of the art museum.   A car comes from the school, drives me and the other coach back to the school, we get vans, and at 2:15 we had back out hoping we make it in time.   2 hours later (traffic) we get to the school, the umpires were about to leave as we got there 20 minutes late.  We played the game, which we won, however we didn’t finish the game until 7pm.

Now, usually the dining hall sets dinners aside for the students, however since we got back at 8:40 the dining services people left.  However they left the dinners outside the dining room in a vestibule.   When I got there to make sure they got there dinners we had found most of the dinners had been stolen or gone through and all the snacks taken out.   Yes some students actually stole the food of other students.   Now I had to figure out how to get the students dinner.    At this point it was 8:45 and I was going on 13 hours of straight work.    I got the situation somewhat handled and headed home.   However I could not relax because we have baseball games everyday this week as well except for Friday…..but don’t get excited for me because I have one on Saturday!

However next week, yes next week baseball will be over  and I will be able to get more work done.   I unfortunately did the math on the hours I work for coaching compared to the stipend I get paid and discovered there are ten year olds in an Indonesian shoe factory making more an hour than I am.   However all said and done, win or lose, there is nothing like sitting in a dugout with a couple of good guys around you chewing on sun flower seeds and talking about whatever life is throwing at you at the moment.


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2 responses to “For the love of the game

  1. Mom

    you had me worried but I saw my son shine through at the end
    I’m glad you can have that nice a thought after all that

  2. the pureness of baseball always wins. it has to or i’m not sure how major leaguers do it for 162 regular season games. perhaps the million dollar contract helps…

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