My psychiatrist would have a field day with this…

…luckily I don’t have one nor need one, I have my own brain figured out.  But I had a doozy of a dream last night.

First let me lead off by saying that I have been the most busy I have ever been at work.   We have baseball games everyday, the students have all but given up, the seniors are acting out, it is becoming a true testament to entropy…..and for my non science readers….

ENTROPY: 1. A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system. 2. Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society.

I could be nice, but I won’t.  A lot of people I work with are just sort of shrugging their shoulders and not interested in putting in any extra effort, the students see this and realize they can get away with more.  For those of us who try and continue to hold a state of consistency it becomes impossible and the transfer of information is broken down completely.  Not only is information not transferred but the students then get frustrated with the teacher actually doing their job.   So we become the bad guy.

Here is a great example.  The other day a wonderful teacher organized a field trip for the whole grade we teach.  He asked all the grades teachers to go with him.   So the day before the field trip I got a phone call telling me our fruit trees for the garden/farm I built would be arriving the next day (the day if the field trip).   I went to the organizer of the field trip and said I can’t make it due to our delivery.   I then asked if he has enough chaperones to go, he looked at me and said “John, you were the only one who volunteered”.     I was livid.   So I emailed the other teachers, told them my predicament with the delivery and the field trip and asked if one of them could take my place.   They actually said no!   Meanwhile at school they would show up, have zero students to teach all day, so rightfully they should have to go on the trip, but they chose not to, just stick behind and not teach all day.

So I called the tree guy and asked him if we could deliver on Monday, he wasn’t excited, but we had to do it.   I went on the trip. had a wonderful time, got back at 1pm and then picked up van keys because we had to leave at 1:30pm for an away baseball game, all said and done I got home from work on 7pm Friday night.   In fact we had a baseball game every day last week, and we have a baseball game every day this week.

The other night I came home, sat on my couch, and woke up several hours later still in my baseball uniform.    Meanwhile the other teachers who didn’t want to go on the trip are complaining how tired they are and they are done by 3:30!

So my dream.

There I was teaching class and all of a sudden one of the students turns into a blood thirsty zombie who is trying to attack me.   I grab a baseball bat (symbolism?) and while I am still answering review questions for a test the next day I whack her in the head, slowing her down, but not stopping her.   So I am beating this zombie with a bat, answering questions about meiosis, telling kids to stay in dress code, and another students becomes a zombie, so now I am locking zombies in closets, beating their heads in, answering review questions, and carrying on like nothing is happening so the students trying to learn don’t get penalized for all the crap going on.   Soon some of the teachers who have been giving up come running into my room with student zombies chasing them.  They start crying and begging for help, they hide in the corner of my room.  I am taking violent swings at the zombie students heads and landing skull crunching blows, all the while calling on students with their hands up and answering questions about the upcoming test while the other teachers cry in the corner.

The bell rings and one of the non zombie students raises her hand and says “I don’t think its fair we have a test tomorrow, you never answered my question”.  I was dumbfounded. Did they not just see me fight off zombies while still answering their questions, did they not just see me go above and beyond by job description to keep them safe and let the information continue to flow?  How could they not even eek out a thank you?

So yeah, I think that dream, ripe with symbolism, says it all.

That and I need to read less zombie apocalyptic books before dead.  But “Day by Day Armegeddon” is SSSOOOOOOOOOOO good!


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2 responses to “My psychiatrist would have a field day with this…

  1. Nana

    John I told you not to read that kind of book before going to bed. Thats why you are have bad dreams. Read something more romantic . Nana

  2. John Sr.

    Can tell it’s getting close to the end of the school year. This has been a recurring issue for you. Hang in there, summer is fast approaching. Anytime you want to come up this summer and run the boat, let me know.

    Love dad

    ps nice flowers for your mom.

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