Indigo View of the Dream Spectrum

I am going to keep this short and to the point.  For as long as I kept snakes there was always one that I found incredible but never thought of owning.  The price was out of this world due to its rareness.   They are federally protected and cannot be moved across state borders without permits and not many people breed them.  I never thought it would be possible, but a boy can dream…..can’t he.

So I settled for their cousin, the  Drymarchon melanurus or

Black Tailed Cribo…seen here…..

This little guy will one day turn into an eight foot thing of beauty.  I have a pair for them and if I am successful breeding them two to three years from now could earn a little bit of money.  Again not many people breeding snakes that belong to the Drymarchon genus.

I love these animals and they are becoming my main focus of my snake obsession.  However that Eastern Indigo or Drymarchon couperi has always been whispering in my ear.  So I keep up with the snake classified ads, yes they have those, and yes I frequent them constantly.   I saw an ad for an adult male Eastern Indigo and the location of the seller was Philadelphia! I clicked on it just for the hell of it, not really able to shell out the multi-thousand dollar price tag they demand.

Just for the hell of it I emailed the guy because after all here was another enthusiast of this unique species in my proximity so I figure I should know him.  Turns out we share a lot of the same friends.   Not really that strange in this small subculture, but more so than would be expected.   He found out I worked at a school and have a reptile husbandry club.  He really loved the idea of this animal being retired in an educational setting.  So we worked out a deal, he told me he basically needed to cover the cost of his daughter’s books for a semester at college.  He wasn’t looking to make money, just wanted this animal to go to a good place (after all he does have quite a few Indigos).  So for about an 1/8 of the normal cost of one of these animals I was able to fulfill a dream.

Yes, I own a Drymarchon couperi the Eastern Indigo, one of the most amazing snakes in the world and I can’t stop grinning…..

The amazing thing about these animals is that they don’t constrict and they are not venomous, they simply overpower their prey with speed and strength.   Holding them is not like holding a normal snake, solid, fast, and powerful… I am learning to respect his boundaries when it comes to being restrained.  He is friendly, but he moves when he wants to move, don’t try to hold him back….

Check out that coloring, the crimson red neck, the badass black eye stripes……incredible.

Here is a video so you can see it in motion, this will make you appreciate the beast….

Yes, a boy certainly can dream….


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2 responses to “Indigo View of the Dream Spectrum

  1. Mom

    Good for you and God Bless Aqila – you are one lucky guy

  2. amazing!!!! congrats, man, that rules. all the more reason that I need to get down there.

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