The unbearable blandness of my dreams…

If you have not been able to distinguish from some of my posts I am venturing into a realm of writing.  Finally putting onto digital paper an obsession I have been battling ever since I was a young child and had a strange dream.

I was in a weird cave, on one side of me a a dark hole on the other side a bright hole a dark hand was grabbing me from one end and a bright hand form the other.  A booming voice came form the side of the bright hand and said “You cannot have this one, he is mine”.  I woke up.

Now I simplified the dream and left out a lot of details, but I again this probably occurred over 20 years ago so forgive my waning memory.  However this has led me to constantly revel in stories about good and evil, God and the Devil.  Why comics like Hellblazer, the story of sociopathic mystic who reigns in escaped demons from hell.  Or my current obsession, conducting evil under the guise of good a la Red State by Kevin Smith.

But this obsessions has blossomed.  Maybe because I spent a good chunk of change on a powerful computer, maybe because I got a taste of film by winning the Geico contest, and maybe because I recently began hanging out with a friend in New Jersey whose amazing art, talent for the written word, and a great sparring abilities in the intellectual arena (although I think he is often holding back).   He is quite a creative individual who I think would make a great cowriter to this story I am working on.  I am calling it “The Shepherd” for now and I will say nothing more about it here.  In fact two people will know the details of the story, well two and half if you include Aqila who I sometimes bounce ideas off of.

I have been reading tons of comics and books recently that deal in the subject of Good, Evil, and man’s struggle between the two.  So in doing this I would expect my dreams to become a lightening storm of ideas.  I was expecting a deluge of amazing ideas.  Dreams that year later when I am being interviewed about this people will say “So where did this idea come from” and I will be able to say “…well I had these dreams..”

However the last few nights my dreams have been the cerebral equivalent of low sodium saltines.  Last night I had a long dream about folding laundry.  I am not kidding, I actually spent the dream whistling and folding laundry.  After waking up I cursed my weak thoughts and went back to sleep.   I then had a dream where I was putting together an IKEA table.   Yes, I was using a hex wrench to twist together parts while following a diagram.

I woke up and wanted to vomit, it was so bland.  Where were the trips into hell? The conversations with escaped demons? The poker games with Archangels who tell war stories, where are those dreams.

Seriously, brain, give me something I can work with.

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