Sunday Evening

So I am now sitting on the couch watching reruns of House and have the ability to type a little bit.    I am trying to make myself work more and today I actually feel like I got a lot done.   From cleaning and watering all of my snakes to cleaning my back yard and BBQ, to doing some editing, some writing, some reading, and even got in an hour nap.  Not sure what made me so tired at 5pm, but all of a sudden I needed to take a nap so I did.   Fell asleep, had a few dreams within an hour, woke back up, made some dinner for Aqila and I and sat down to where I am now.

This weekend was good, I slept well both nights, I haven’t had stomach issues in weeks, sure sometimes something will give me a gurgle, but nothing like it was before.   I am getting more and more OK with my current diet, sometimes though when I watch Aqila get overly excited as she eats a slice a pizza, I get angry.  The other day she was eating a slice, staring at it with love, bobby her head around with a smile like a live-action bobble head doll I almost smacked the slice out of her hand and pissed on it.   I was angry, I wanted to be able to eat like that.  But alas we are dealt a different hand in life and this is the hand I am forced to play.

Soon the petty feeling washed away and I saw Aqila for what she was, the love of my life who can find happiness in the most basic of life’s actions and felt good that she will always be my ace in the hole.  My trump card to play whenever I feel the hand I was dealt is crap.

So yeah, no matter what life deals, I can always play that card.

Life is pretty good.


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2 responses to “Sunday Evening

  1. Mom

    That s a nice feeling

  2. Nana

    TThat feeling is love, love, love. So what are you going to do about it. Love Nana

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