No Title For This

I am in and out of it lately.   I feel like I am running full speed and I don’t know when I cross the finish line.  This week I was working so much at school that I didn’t even realize the weekend was coming until I woke up this morning at 8am.    Yesterday after work I went out for a few drinks with friends at a different establishment.  We watched some of the Masters Golf tourney, had some chicken wings, and generally joked around.   I was home by 8pm and Aqila and I settled in to watch season 3, disc 1 of Dexter on Blu-Ray.  I fell asleep early, woke up and had a production meeting for an upcoming project that is taking on a whole new life of its own.   I am not at liberty to discuss it, but the project is looking to be gaining steam.

I did some editing on my Alaska film project and then sat down to write some pieces of a script I have been bouncing around in my head.   Then after I lost steam writing, I began to do some research.   Again I cannot discuss the writing but my research involves reading some comics and mining the internet and used book stores for materials on the subject of Hell.    Nothing like reading “Hellblazer”, “The Many Faces of Evil”, “Hierarchy of Hell”, “Spawn the Undead” and “The Preacher”.    Now it is dinner time and I grilled some steaks for Aqila and I and we are watching the last episodes on the Disc 2 of Dexter.

I know this entry seems bland, but I figure people me want to know what I have going on.   I am not sure if it was buying a new, powerful computer that is capable of editing in combination of winning the Geico commercial but it has lit a fire under me to get more involved in production of film.   Which is becoming a huge amount of work because now I can’t just settle for good enough, but I feel I need to do better.

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