The Power of Facebook….

I know there is a lot of negative stigma attached to social networking sites.  However the time for this is over.   In the next ten years the stigma will be gone.  You see, amazing things can happen from the use of Facebook.  First things first.   The goal of Facebook is to connect people, and people will use it for less than appropriate ways.  Just like the telephone can be used for bad, or TV, or cars, or planes, or really any technology has its downside, so does Facebook.

However the good outweighs the bad.

1. I watched a documentary on the Origin of Humans.  There was a scientist on there who’s work was particularly interesting.  I looked her up on Facebook and sure enough we began communicating.  I got to learn a lot about the information not in the documentary.  Even more amazing was the fact that we found out we shared the same, EXACT same guides and Samburu tribesman in Kenya.  We literally sat in the same chairs and slept in the same tents….at different times of course.

2. One of my favorite science fiction actresses Kandyse McClure, who’s claim to fame is the character Dee on my favorite TV show Battlestar Galactica seen here……

….replied to a post I put on her Facebook page.  Sure it is not that big of a deal, but it is pretty neat that I can sit in my living room.  Send her a note and she can reply back.   This to me is truly the amazing power that Facebook has.  It can connect people, I simply wanted to bring something to her attention, I posted it on her Facebook page and she replied back…..

….and as simple as that two people from very different worlds can communicate.

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