Japan….we can learn a lot…

The USA is on a dangerous precipice right now.   We can either rise to the situation or become that whiny bitch telling the world how to operate that we have become so known for.  Right now the US is in an escalating debate with Japan about the severity of the nuclear situation.  USA is telling Japan to evacuate people 50 miles from the reactor, Japan states 12.

Japan is being overly conservative, the US is being ignorant.   I literally just watched the news show a model of a radiation plume heading toward the US.  This is absolute bullshit.  They seem to have learned the word plume from the BP oil spill, got ahold of some new graphics technology and want to scare the crap out of people.   Readers, you have more radiation spewing from your telephone than you will ever come from one of those reactors in Japan.  Maybe we should all get rid of the little radioactive devices we love so much?

Japan had a 40 year old reactor get hit by a magnitude 9 earthquake, then slammed with a tsunami and there was no meltdown.  How can you argue the safety the of nuclear technology.

Watch what is going on over there.   Calm, reserved, no looting, no rioting, neighbor helping neighbor, an unscathed person helping a bloodied person, a bloody person helping a broken person, and a broken person helping an unconscious person.  This is how the world should be.

After the earthquake, the Japanese literally said something that was roughly the equivalent of “Thanks world, but we got this”.

Now sit back USA and watch how a country should be run.

Kudos Japan, I have a whole new level of respect for you….

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