No Hope

As I follow the twist and turns of Red State and Kevin Smith as he makes cinematic history I become more and more obsessed with the subject matter he is portraying in his movie.   I have been scouring YouTube and the internet for more and more information about these people breeding hate.  Now don’t get me wrong I think religion does have its place, but not to produce hate.  What worries me the most is to watch children being brought up and taught with such conviction that these beliefs of hatred are the truth.

For what its worth I am not gay, I am not black, I am  not female, I am not hispanic, I am not asian, I am nothing more than a human, which biologically speaking, we all are.   That is who I identify with, humans.   I don’t care what another human does as long as it doesn’t hurt their fellow humans.  So if a man and man find happiness together, so be it.  If a Christian black woman and a Jewish white male find happiness together, so be it.   After all isn’t that what we are all striving for? Happiness?  Why prevent someone from this when it is not hurting you?  I never understood the need to force beliefs on someone else.  This is why I hate, and yes I meant to use the word hate, missionary work.  Let a culture be their own culture, don’t force our beliefs on them.

So as I scour the internet I become more and more scared as I see children hoisting these signs…..


This is the one that gets me.   Listen to what this WBC member says 20 seconds into the video, it should make you afraid, very afraid…..


So, do I fear God? You better believe I fear God……

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