Red State

Coming off the heels of feeling ill I am going right into a jam packed day of the New Jersey Transit system, snakes, out of state friends, Midtown Manhattan, Movie Premier, and then back home again.     I am going to be visiting my friend Luke who lives outside of NYC in the beautiful state of New Jersey.    Going to check out his snake and book collection, have some laughs, and then head into the city.

I am going to be seeing the premier of Kevin Smith’s new thriller Red State.   He is taking the film on tour for a few months, playing it at various theaters (Radio City Music Hall is where I am seeing it).  Then he along with the cast (including John Goodman) will be doing a Question and Answer after the show.   I am going to be hopping on a train right after, I need to come home and wake up in my own bed.

Here is the trailer for the movie….

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  1. wow, not what I had imagined at all.

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