Warning….graphic reading ahead….

At 6pm on Tuesday I sent a text message to Aqila telling her I was getting nauseated and I knew I was going to vomit at some point.   However these pains were not the normal pains related to what has been going on with me, this was something different.    The pain begin to grow and at around 8:30pm  I couldn’t move, then around 9pm I felt that familiar lubrication of the esophagus and mouth that comes before your stomach decides to evacuate its contents.

Then it hit me.   I became so violently ill I immediately evacuated by stomach, when I was done I felt better, with tears, snot, and saliva running down my face I smiled and washed up because I was glad it was over.  But I have never been more wrong.    I laid down in bed, Aqila got home at 9:45, by that time the waves of pain returned, and I knew it wasn’t over.   At 10pm I was back in there, thinking I had gotten everything out my stomach decided to completely rid itself of any content at all and again after 10 minutes of violent, VIOLENT, vomiting, and one scared looking Aqila I again washed the tears, snot, and saliva off my face and went back to bed, this time I don’t remember sleeping as much as passing out, then exactly 45 minutes later the waves of pain came back and I began begging to let them pass without vomiting.

But no one was listening.

I was so weak I had to throw up into the bathtub so I could lie on the floor at the same time.   I couldn’t even hold myself up anymore and I wouldn’t let Aqila in the bathroom with me because of what a disgusting state I was in.  Moaning, eyes rolled back, begging for death…..then my intestines decided they wanted a hand in vomiting.   I could feel my whole digestive tract heave and push, no liquid was coming out any more, just violent heaving and feeling my guts and connective tissue heave and begging for some sort of fluid to come out so it wouldn’t feel like shrapnel being worked out of my system.

I passed out on the bathroom floor, I was woken again with pain, this time I began to fear my appendix had burst or was leaking.   The epicenter of the pain was on the right side of my body, didn’t feel like any other pain I had ever felt.   I began to worry, when is it time to call 911?  If it was my appendix and I don’t get it taken out its over.    I fell back asleep, this time a full hour and half went by without vomiting.  I thought I was out of the woods, but as the two hour mark hit I realized my stomach wasn’t done with me yet.

I was so dehydrated I literally had no liquid left in me.   Throughout the night I couldn’t drink, so I had to hold water in my mouth then spit it out.   But my body didn’t care.  It wanted to vomit and so it did.  This time I felt my stomach move in my cavity, I could feel all of my small intestine shift and jerk when I vomited, I was begging for death during this bout of retching.   Then it finally ended.

I was left with no voice, some broken blood vessels, and what I have to assume is strained connective tissue in my guts because when I move I actually feel a strain as if they were muscles I exercised.    This happened on Tuesday, no way I was going to work on Wednesday.  On Wednesday night I still couldn’t eat and was to weak to walk, no food, no liquid, upper body in severe fatigue from the workout it had.   I slept from Wednesday afternoon at about 5pm-Thursday at 1pm.   When I awoke I still wasn’t hungry, felt very weak, and couldn’t eat anything.

The downside is because I have been on a strict diet I can’t change it now because if I did and got sick I wouldn’t know if it was from what made me vomit or the sudden change in diet.  So tonight I had a plain hotdog for dinner.   I was able to keep it down, and felt some strength come back.  I still can’t talk that much and feel weak, but I think I am going to try and make it in to work tomorrow.

Regardless, I never, ever, ever, want to feel pain like that again.


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2 responses to “Warning….graphic reading ahead….

  1. Mom

    Listen to your Mother.. stay home tomorrow- it’s Friday – lay low till you can eat normal and have more strength… I for one don’t think it was food poisoning (it actually would be good if that’s what is was) now.. back to bed – one more day

  2. There is a stomach virus going around. I know 3 people who were sick this way in the past two weeks.

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