We Tempt the Wind

I live in the middle of a city.   I am OK with it.  But I think I am done being OK with it.  Yesterday I drove to Hamburg, PA as I have had many times before to go to a reptile swap meet/show.  Hamburg is about 80 miles Northwest of Philadelphia and any one who has been in this area knows that Eastern Pa goes from hellish urban to blissful rural very quickly.

But something was different about this drive.  Perhaps it was all my recent battles with health, my increasing decrease in patience for the poorly run city I pay highly to live in, or maybe it was just the right combination of tasty coffee and Langhorne Slim on the radio, but it sort of came together.   I need out of the row home life.

As I drove out of the city on 76 and eventually 476 I watched as the telephone poles turned to trees, the row homes fade to farm houses and looming skyscrapers are weathered down to gentle mountains.   I breathed easier, I felt better, and I enjoyed driving.

I went there, and as the reverse transformation of landscape occurred, more and more red brake lights appeared, and I felt my cardiovascular system tighten and my blood pressure increase.    The rest of the day I kept asking myself why I force myself to do this?  I don’t know.  I mean there is no doubt Aqila plays the largest role in the scenario.   But she is a city girl, however I think it is the fear of the non city life that is holding her back.  Having experienced nothing else she wouldn’t know.

Last night we helped Ken run a school basketball game (he is the Athletic Director), we were sitting around talking and he was discussing how the house next door to him will be for sale.   He lives in a suburb, park right across from the street, driveway parking, moderate sized brick house, HUGE yard, and our best friend for neighbor.

I started thinking, realizing how great it would be to have a home, a place where if I wanted to put in a new sink faucet I could, and it would benefit me, not a landlord.  How I could build a small work shed, much like my father where I could keep my motorcycle in the winter.  How with a yard of that size we could have a dog, a garden, a small fish pond, anything really, and it would be ours.

For the first time I saw a little interest in Aqila’s eye.   Now financially I don’t see how it would be a possibility, and in such an unstable economic environment it hardly seems feasible…..but it is fun to think about.

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  1. it’s amazing the effect that geographic location has on me. I am by nature not an angry person when it comes to others, but I have seen those aspects of myself degrade considerably in the past decade that this present over-population of metro bliss has served as my unfortunate back drop for living. my good friend and his wife moved out to northern Cali last summer and every week I talk to him he admonishes me to get out of here and get to where he knows my true heart wants and needs to be. I keep justifying that stay here because I need to work here. but I think I need to have a little more faith in that this life will rise up to meet my heart where it truly wants to go. work is work and merely a means to an end. get out of dodge, my friend!

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