Call of Duty…Black Ops….

So after receiving 50-something requests from my cousin Jason to play Black Ops I finally got the game, a headset, and a killer instinct.   For those who don’t know with Playstation 3 I can go online and play other people all over the world in video games, more so I can wear a headset and talk to them.  Jay is in San Francisco and I am in Philadelphia, but we can join each other in a military style game of shoot em up against other players.

One thing I have learned….I suck….I suck real bad.   I am getting killed constantly and I think I have all of 12 kills under my belt.   I have a lot to learn and the game play of this game is so specific that the learning curve is dramatic.   Most of the time I end up spraying wildly with a high powered machine gun and then having my opponent take one clean head shot and drop me.

The hilarious part is the whole time I can talk and hear Jay over my headset.  Coordinating attacks, defenses, etc.  It is becoming incredibly realistic, even dangerously realistic.

Just to give you an idea of what we are doing, check this out….wildly amazing….

I am dedicated to becoming a highly trained killer on this battlefield.

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  1. yeah, that gives me anxiety. could never be an effective player

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