Battlefield Romano

Prokaryotes vs Eukaryotes in an epic battle for possession of my health.   I am fighting the good fight against bacteria in my body right now.  I felt the first twinges of it Friday evening, with the use of supplements and rest I have been prolonging the overtaking of my immune system.   I have been on a strict regimen of three airborne tablets a day along with tea and advil.  However each night I feel it coming on and each morning I feel sick, only to shake it off a few hours after being awake.

However the sick feeling has been coming earlier in the night and shaking it off has taken longer throughout the day.   I feel like one false move and I will be overtaken by the pesky prokaryotes.   Well factor in tonight.  Aqila and I have tickets to go see a show tonight here in Philly with a few other friends.   However I am worried this could be the false move that could end the battle.   Expiring that amount of energy where I usually stay relaxed could cause my immune system to weaken and buckle, allowing the onslaught of bacteria to overtake my body.

In other news today was 60-something degrees and people were in fair moods, however we had five or six teachers out with the flu or cold.  But I will admit, it did feel sorta good to be able to have the windows open.   Nice blast of fresh air that didn’t bite wasn’t half bad.


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2 responses to “Battlefield Romano

  1. cathleenolney

    Let me know how it turns out. Fight the good fight, but I don’t believe in that Airborne stuff. Good luck to you, warrior.

    • The supplements work well. Most people don’t get the proper vitamin balance in their diets. However these offer a liquid dose of Vitamin B’s, C, Niacin, Zinc, and other necessities that the body needs to keep the immune system boosted.

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