The Doldrums of Winter….

I just wrote a long blog venting in the vaguest of terms about a situation at a place where I go during the day.   But then I deleted it.

Teacher suspended over blog

The thing that bothers me is parent’s opinions of teachers.   Or anyone weighing in who is not a teacher.  Until you have spent 6 hours a day with 60 teenagers and tried to get them to learn stuff they don’t want to……shut the hell up.   Parents complain how they have a teenager, or even TWO teenagers and what a pain it is to get them to do stuff.   Well try having 60 a day, and no real power to discipline them.   Now I am lucky, I don’t have to deal with many problems with students, and if I did, you wouldn’t know about it on here.   I am pretty lucky to be teaching where I am.  Other than being overworked I am not going to complain.

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned where I work on here.  I make a real attempt to not.  On my Facebook account I don’t have any work info.  I filled out that info like this…

Employer: Nature

Position: Apex Predator

No mention of employer or what I do.

The best writers in the world are the ones who know no inhibitions or censorship.

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  1. hey man, i wouldn’t post it if i worked at voyeur either.

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