Just the basics

Had a packed weekend, will write more later.  However we played a show Friday night, our best one yet.  I saw Scarlett Ann Taylor, Ken and Kate’s new daughter and I have made a huge dent in my file converting work load.

Don’t feel like writing or talking, I will post some random videos from our Alaska Trip…..and one of Scarlett….because she is a cutie.

If you have a decent computer, switch the video to 720p.  If you look at the Youtube window you will see 360 on the lower right, click on it and change it to 720, this will show it to you in HD quality.

First, wild Yukon horses that are apparently so rare they were thought to be extinct…..check out the colors and patterns….

Here are some of the buffalo we met along the way….

Then this one of Ken, Scarlett, and Aqila….


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4 responses to “Just the basics

  1. Tim

    Good video selection…wild horse…buffalo..and monkey toes

  2. Nana

    John ,you look so natural holding the baby.

  3. Nana

    John I guess it was not you holding the baby

  4. really glad to hear the show went so well. look forward to hearing all about it

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