Uncontacted Tribes…..

….this video is so extraordinarily powerful it gave me goosebumps.   When the shot pans over the standing tribes people looking up the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

I am torn with this issue.  For one the information of human origins that can be gained from contacting these people is extraordinary.  However the irrevocable damage that could result from any contact with the tribe people is astronomical.    I have to lean toward the leave them alone and let them be field of thought.   I guess I should be satisfied with the footage shot from a kilometer away.  It will have to make do……forever.


To the people in the photos…..may we never meet or see you again.


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2 responses to “Uncontacted Tribes…..

  1. Mom

    I agree.. leave them alone. that was amazing

  2. I saw this the otehr day myself. really extraordinary and comforting to know that there is still that which is pure and untouched. And should remain pure and untouched.

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