Paloelithic man he truly is….

…not with a diagnosis, but with a way of thinking.   I have come to the conclusion (especially after talking to my doctor) that I do not have problem, the current world is the problem.   As I have gone through different dietary periods in my life I know that it is the foods I am eating, not my system.   I have always stated that physical evolution is infinitely slower than cultural evolution.

My body is not meant for this world, in fact most of our bodies are not.  After researching so much about human evolution and origins, the constant jokes of me resembling a caveman, and my failing digestive process has led me to this conclusion.     Humans are gluttonous by nature, and I am no different.   My genetics hail to a more neanderthal genetic makeup, these foods of the current human population do not agree with me.

Now before you say “Neanderthals are unintelligent pre-humans” I want to fill you in on something.  Neanderthals had a larger cranium and were stronger and more robust than modern humans.  If anyone wants to debate my robust physique go for it.  However my ease at building bulk muscle speaks for itself.

So if Neanderthals were so smart and strong where are they now?  You are looking at them, evidence has shown neanderthal DNA in current humans, showing an interbreeding some years ago.   Some of us have more Neanderthal DNA than others.   More and more evidence is showing that maybe we all did not evolve from the same African Ancestors.   That modern H. sapiens in Europe may have interbred with neanderthals creating a new and different type of humans.   This is becoming more and more evident by the discoveries of human origins in Europe earlier than we should have been.

So how does this affect me now?  My digestive problems cannot be cured by modern medicine, but can only be cured by ancient diet.

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