And now you know…

….the rest of the story.

Ever since I have started driving this new computer I have been able to multitask.  Such as convert videos and listen to sound clips and such.   For some reason I recently remembered my favorite little slice of Americana….Paul Harvey.   I can’t remember who gave me my first Paul Harvey book, or how I first heard him on the radio, but as soon as I read his first story and heard his golden voice I was hooked on his four minutes of history that he would build up until he would finally say “…and now you know THE rest of the story”.

For the last two hours I have been sitting here on my couch, not doing anything but closing my eyes and hanging on every one of Paul’s words as he winded his way through a short story before he finally revealed who, or what he was talking about.

I have decided to benefit the readers (all five of you) by posting on occasion a Paul Harvey clip.  I urge you to listen to him.  Close your eyes, sit back, and rest easy because you are about to know….The Rest of the Story……


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2 responses to “And now you know…

  1. Mom

    We ALWAYS listened to Paul Hatvey. So you probably were listening without realizing it

  2. John Sr.

    we, the blue collar guys at field maintenance at Logan Airport, used to listen to Paul Harvey’s noon broadcast during our lunch hour in the 80’s

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