In over my head?

I was up for 2 straight nights this weekend.  After Fridays show I decided to dump all the footage on my computer.  Luckily I do not have to convert these files.   However I decided I would practice iMovie with a compiling a Langhorne Slip video with my footage before I go for the much larger Alaska Trip.   However some recent news has baby prolonged the time frame on that.  I think Aqila’s friend who is a film editor wants to help me put it together.  She has some serious editing gear can show me the ins and outs of the program.  I will know more tomorrow.

Anyway, I am begging for sleep to come now that I have finished this task that has been keeping me sleep.  However it is done and uploaded and I don’t feel any less tired.   Well, enjoy the short clip…..he rocks…..

This is the same stage I will be playing on next Friday!

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  1. i remember many nights spent at johnny brenda’s. seeing that most of them were spent before i had friends who weren’t hipsters in philadelphia, the majority of my time was spent getting drunk in the corner by myself. awesome.

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