Just got in from Langhorne Slim…

Pretty amped up.  I am going to be honest, I have not had that much fun at a concert in years.  I accidentally ended up right next to the stage, practically up in there business.   However the crowd was packed behind me and hell, I came here to get down to some Langhorne Slim, not just sit comfortable and bob my head.

Regardless, my new found creative and musical hero did not disappoint.   Got to shake his hand and say thanks before we left.   Because, well, I honestly was thankful he wrote the songs he wrote.  I didn’t ask for a photo with him like a tool, but a simple.  “Thanks for writing your songs, I really get it.”

I am not going to dip into anything philosophical and strange, but I did get some excellent snippets of songs that give you a decent idea of his stage presence…..

The banjo player is insane, no clue how he pulls this off….

Few more for fun…..


And probably my favorite video of the night….

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