I’m not and ordinary man, I don’t pretend to be…

Truly not meant for this world.    I belong in a time of spears, pelts, and cave painting.  My body apparently rejects most modern foods and functions on the basics, animal protein.  I think if I cut dairy out of my diet and only ate animal protein and leafy green I would truly be in perfect condition, in fact I may cut dairy out completely in a bit.  I am not sure.   However I would love to say I am happy but the urban lifestyle I am living in is not conducive to my bodies needs.   I need to live in a place where I can catch fresh fish and hunt wild deer and boar.  A place where my food will have no preservatives, packaging, or processing.

On a happier note tomorrow is Langhorne Slim.  I cannot wait for 11pm to role around and have that sweet sound of rock and bluegrass fill the air.   Nothing like a banjo to make life a lot better.   I have had this song on repeat for most of the day.   Sort of felt right….

Just sit back, relax, open your ears and let go….

Whether I’m right,
Or whether I’m wrong,
Time will go by, life it will go on
When the light is on your side
Love reveals itself to thee
Then you can, yes you can,
You can be set free

Every garden can grow
Every mouth can form a smile,
Let yourself go, ease your mind for a while
When you’re tired, and you’re torn
And humankind seems filled with misery
Then you can, yes you can
You can be set free

I’m not an ordinary man
I don’t pretend to be
I’d like to be extraordinary man,
I’d like to know peace
When the lights go out, I’m not lonely
It’s the only thing that matters to me
I can, we can
We can be set free
We can know peace
We can be set free

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