…and the line gets even more blurred.

Last night I was in bed by 9:30pm.   I had a very long day at work which concluded with a 5:30pm meeting that ended around 6:15pm.   I was just tired.   However going to bed that early, I had a total of 8 separate dreams I actually remember.   I tend to wake up every 45-60 minutes when I sleep on any given night.  But this night was strange.

In one of my dreams I was getting more bloodwork done and they ended up forgetting about me in the waiting room for about 2 hours.  I finally said something and they were apologetic and led me to a room to take blood.   The nurse went to put a large needle in my arm (which I physically felt going in) and as soon as she did blood began rushing into the vials too quickly for her to change them and I actually felt the blood rushing out of my arm.

She bandaged me up and I was fine, I wake up.

I had two more different dreams, one involved finding some cool snakes while walking home to Swampscott from Saugus for some reason.  The other dream involved me running from South Philly to my apartment with Ted and Marshall from the show “How I Met Your Mother”.

Two dreams later, and waking up twice I fall into yet another dream.  I am with Aqila, Mike, and Anna (Forbes) we are in a combination Alaska/Philly area and a snowstorm has closed most of the city but we decide to go out to a restaurant, because of the sparse clientel,  amazingling good restaurants are almost giving their food away.   We go into a place called “Rock Cod” (not a real place), and Aqila starts ordering jumbo shrimp, Mike and I get some halibut, and Anna goes with a fresh salad with baked fish.  

Now here is where it gets weird, remember my doctor dream was a good 2 dreams and awakenings ago.  Mike asks me how my Dr’s appointment went.  I then go on to show him the black and blue under tha bandage and tell him the story of being at the Dr’s and the blood rushing out too quickly!

In a dream, I discussed the memory of another dream as if it happened to me and even had physical evidence on my body.   When I woke up I was so confused I began looking at my arms, trying to remember if that really happened or not. 

Hilariously enough my last dream somehow had me playing college football, but I wasn’t in college, nor a football player but I was on the field.   A player fumbles, I recover the ball and begin to run up the field, I remember tucking the ball into my side and lowering my shoulder into players, somehow stronger and faster than I should have been.  I remember in my mind thinking how amazing it was…….then my phone rang telling me we had a 2 hour delay for school.

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  1. false. i swore off eating halibut i didn’t catch.

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