Each metamorphosis starts with a single cell death….

Today I weighed in at 240 pounds, not sure how I weigh that much, but the numbers don’t lie.   Today I also started my gluten free, minimal carbohydrate eating style.   Whether or not I have a gluten allergy I am doing away with the malicious little molecule.   After researching paleolithic eating styles combined with blood type eating combined with past eating styles (I have been everything from vegetarian to straight carnivore) I have tailor made my own eating style.

I am going to be eating mostly lean meats…heavy on fish, chicken, and turkey.   I will have minimal pork intake and most likely zero beef (but no promises).  My vegetable intake will be limited to leafy greens.

In the past when on this style of eating my stomach issues were zero, my energy was limitless, and my physique was muscular and solid…..don’t believe me? Look at me during my most rigorous eating regimen as explained above….

Now it is just eating to that will get me to this post, it is proper exercise as well.  I was running, doing 50 push ups and a mini core work out each day.   So the metamorphosis begins, cells must die so new cells, stronger cells can be reborn.

My goal is 195 pounds by May 1st, the Broad Street Run.  Mr three mile run today was brutal, a weak core led to a sore lower back.  An extra 30 pounds since the last time I ran took its toll on my weakened quads and calves.   But each metamorphosis starts with a single cell death.

I also discovered something else, I am done listening to music when I run, now I listen to podcasts.  My favorite being RadioLab, an hour long program on subjects that vary from animal minds to the history of time.  I downloaded about 20 episodes to listen to.

So now I am settling down, downloading podcasts, reading twitter updates from my favorite Tweeters, watching an all new Lie to Me, and realizing that although I made it through one day of proper diet and exercise I have a lifetime of them ahead of me.  But the Paleolithic Man cannot sit back, he must get up, sharpen his spear and hunt, because survival depends on it.



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3 responses to “Each metamorphosis starts with a single cell death….

  1. John Sr.

    welcome back….

  2. Nana

    Good luck on your new diet. I hope it makes you feel better and health.

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