Weapon X Project

Not in the mood to write much but thought this was funny.  Today when I had my procedure done the anesthesiologist came in to put me under.  As it began and I started to feel woozy I fought the urge to go under and when things started to get wavy I fought harder.  Apparently I tried to pull out my IV and I said “I will not be part of your Weapon X project”.  Then the last thing I heard was the anesthesiologist say “It’s like trying to knock out a horse”.

On the other side, the immediate findings were ulcers in the esophagus indicative of severe acid reflux and the pathology will be back on the biopsies next week.


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One response to “Weapon X Project

  1. Mom

    Who knows, maybe after you resolve your health issue your super powers will return…..
    sounds like you having lost them all

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