PPA…..I will not be ignored…


Ms. O’Connor,

I am highly disappointed.  Six days ago I sent an email which went unanswered.  I understand you are busy, but I feel waiting almost six days for a response is appropriate.  Even Jesus only waited three days.  Are you saying you are twice as good as Jesus?  However I strive to be like him on  a daily basis so I am going to practice forgiveness.    I included the email below in case you have forgotten the questions I asked.   I wish I could say the Philadelphia Inquirer took as long as you but they did not.  They were overly excited to discuss the illegal activities of the PPA, it seems you guys have made a lot of enemies out there.   I could almost hear the salivation in the reporter’s words on the voicemail she left me.

One of the things that concerns me is your reply was simply for my license plate number.  When I asked if you could provide me with assurance that I would not be unfairly targeted once this information was acquired you did not respond.  Let me share an anecdote.   When I was a child I stole a GI Joe action figure from my friend.   The character was Zartan and it would actually change colors when exposed to sunlight.  Now don’t take this the wrong way, I understand Zartan is a mercenary and worked for the Cobra Commander but he changed colors!! To a child color changing ability usurped loyalty to the enemy.   Regardless I swiped the toy and when my parents asked where I got him.  I decided to just not answer.  No matter how many times they asked I just ignored them.  Then my dad said “Son, when someone asks if you are guilty of something answer them, because your silence will only incriminate you“.

Just as a reminder if I were to ignore your notices I would get a larger one in the mail and then eventually you would boot my car.  Now I cannot do either of these to you, but you will continue to receive notices about the unfair PPA practices from me.   And like your unasnwered violations, they will increase.

Have a blessed day,

John Romano

Law-abiding Citizen

Master Parallel Parker.


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2 responses to “PPA…..I will not be ignored…

  1. Nana

    Hi John What strong words. I hope you will not get in trouble. Nana

  2. John Sr.

    Do not remember the Action figure episode. I seem to have blocked out the “bad things” you did as a child. It’s as though you were “Saint Like” as a child. If you strive to be like Jesus and you are my son………..

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