Philadelphia PArking Authority Saga continues……

The PPA’s response to me….

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 10:54:24 -0500
From: CO’
Subject: Re:

Dear Mr. Romano:

 May I have your plate number, so that I may review your tickets.  No Parking Any time gives the citizen a time limit, once they exceed that limit they are issued a ticket.  A ticket is not issued immediately, so that citizens may unload in residential areas.  The same rule applies to MG tags.



 Corinne O’Connor

Director of On-Street

My response to her…

Ms. O’Connor,
I appreciate you getting back to me.   However I have a few questions.  I would love to just hand over my plate number but I had to sleep on it first.  I was plagued with dreams of being targeted by the PPA, constant tickets at every turn, tickets in such abdundance my windshield would flex and break under the weight of all of them.  I finally awoke in the midst of a nightmare where I was drowning in a sea of blue and white envelopes that said VIOLATION across them.  The vision still haunts me.
1.  What is the exact time limit a citizen is alloted in a No Parking Anytime zone?  I was not aware of this because I was told those zones on the corners were to allow buses and trucks ample turning radius.   If a car was there blocking that turning radius it would completely stop traffic.   Just so I know for future reference, how long is it legal to stop the flow of traffic?
2. I was not unloading in a residetial area.  I am in a band and we have shows all over the city.  As I said I am a teacher, I play in a band with two former students.  Sure it is a lot of work outside of my already hectic schedule and the music genre isn’t my cup of tea, but I don’t mind doing these things to make the dreams of our youth come true.  The ticket was issued when I was unloading music equipment for one of these shows.
3. I am not sure what an MG tag is, you will have to explain.  But lets say you are referring to the PPA employee car.   First he was not in a residential area, he was illegally parked in front of a store front where he could have been blocking the turn radius of buses and trucks.  Second, I hope your employees don’t use city vehicles to run personal or non-PPA related errands.  I pay high taxes on my meager wages and to think they are being used in a manner like this is very unsettling.   When I want to leave work for lunch I am not allowed to take our school bus or one of our vans to lunch or run errands. 
Lastly, I look forward to your response to these questions.  The Inquirer enjoyed the picture and requested I call them to talk.   However I told them I wanted to wait on your responses because I would hate to see the PPA shed in an unkind light.  I will not respond to them until I get the full details from you. 
 As for my plate number, one of the tickets was on an older plate that I no longer have and was out of state from when I first moved here.  But the other one was received this June on my current plate.  Also, I want an assurance, in writing that I will not be unfairly targeted by the PPA if I do give my plate number. 
John Romano
Law-abiding Citizen
Master Parallel Parker


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2 responses to “Philadelphia PArking Authority Saga continues……

  1. JohnR

    Very good response to her! ha It had me laughing but not at you!

    Master Parallel Parker, indeed!

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