I truly am a Paleolithic Man….

On January 20th I am getting an intestinal biopsy to check for Celiac Disease.   The gall bladder has been pretty much ruled out as the cause of my pain.  Now the prime suspect is Celiac Disease.  If you are unfamiliar with it here is the basic run down.   Gluten, found in wheat, causes a reaction in the body where the immune system reacts on the small intestine in the presence of gluten, inflaming it and causes a destruction of the villi that help absorb food.

The symptoms fit as well as someone else in my family has been diagnosed with it.  I would also wager that other people I am related to have it but don’t know it.  The disease can manifest itself in different ways and some people have severe symptoms while others have mild symptoms.

The incredible part is this could also be causing my insomnia.   In my research of eating styles years ago I came across eating for your blood type.   Which I actually accidentally followed when on the Atkins diet, which ironically was the healthiest and best I ever felt……pure absence of gluten.  My cholesterol was about 60, my blood pressure was 100 over 60 and I weighed 175 pounds.

Look at the description of the food someone with my blood type ( O ) should eat….

Blood Type O is the oldest blood type in the world (evolved around 40,000 BC), and is traced back to CroMagnon man. People with Blood Type O have the hardiest digestive systems. They are the meat-eaters. Persons with Blood Type O need animal protein for good health, as well as vegetables and fruits. However, carbohydrates should be kept to a minimum, since the Blood Type O person cannot digest carbohydrates very well, especially wheat products containing gluten. This person will do well on a high animal protein, low carbohydrate diet; and, dairy products should be kept to a minimum. Persons with Blood Type O produce a lot of hydrochloric acid in their stomachs, and it is this great abundance of stomach acid that allows them to digest animal protein favorably. And, because their digestive systems already contain a lot of stomach acid, they should avoid drinking coffee, since coffee will cause them to produce even more stomach acid, and this tends to make them prone to peptic ulcers, especially if they are constantly under a great deal of stress. They should drink more green tea, instead of coffee. Persons with Blood Type O tend to have low thyroid and sluggish metabolisms; therefore, they should supply their diets with sea kelp and seafood to obtain natural iodine to stimulate their thyroids. The best exercises for these persons are the vigorous workouts like jogging, power walking, aerobics, weight training, etc. The harder they exercise, the better they will feel. Get the heart rate going, and sweat up a storm to burn calories, alleviate stress and eliminate depression!

It is spot on!  Coffee kills me, my metabolism is low, and carbohydrates and sugars bother me.  What truly kills me though is the fact I know the diet I need to be on to be healthier.  So I just need to do it.  Last week I started it and I talked to my doctor about preparing for the upcoming procedure and I was told to not start a gluten free diet yet.   If I do it could skew the test results and show a false negative for Celiac because once gluten is removed the intestine heals itself.

The downside to Celiac is the only treatment is a gluten free diet…..

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