A letter I sent to the Philadelphia Parking Authority

 just sent this to the PPA after seeing an illegally parked PPA car, photo attached….

I am contacting you as a concerned citizen of Philadelphia.  I have received quite a few tickets from the PPA.  Admittedly some were my fault.   But two of the tickets were for being in a no parking zone while unloading materials from my car.  I did not leave the car unattended but the PPA officer said that “no parking means no parking” and that those signs are there for a reason, the safety of the citizens.  I did not argue with him because I agree, safety should be priority number 1.

Now I do understand this and paid hundreds of dollars for my mistake.  However I feel I am owed a refund.  This afternoon I found an unattended PPA car parked illegally.  Now at first I let it slide because I thought maybe the PPA officer was gathering information about a possible serial parking offender.  I can understand that sometimes you need to break the law to uphold the law, I mean, I have seen Batman.   However I was annoyed because when I went into the deli where the car was parked I found a PPA employee waiting for his lunch.  Not only that but the sandwich he ordered was so specific in its construction that I had to wait more than 10 minutes for my simple order to be placed.  I am a simple school teacher with a short lunch break and I had already spent 8 minutes searching for a legal parking spot. 

Now he was not parked illegally to better do his job, no, he was taking advantage of his PPA status to illegally park so he could order a complex sandwich on his lunch break.  I understand his pain, because I often circle the block at 23rd and Fairmount desperately searching for a legal parking space to frequent my favorite hoagie spot, however every time I want to park behind that no parking sign in front of the deli I remember the safety of citizens is priority number 1 and continue my circling. 

If our parking authority begins parking illegally I am worried about the ramifications to this fine city.  I have seen this happen before, first a few PPA employees park illegally and the next thing you know we have a full scale riot on our hands.  Now I don’t know about you, but my apartment is street level and while I have bars on my windows I do not think they will hold off an angry mob for long.   Citizens will fall into a state of anarchy when they see those entrusted to protect us through proper parking breaking the very rules they enforce.  Ask yourself, do you want to be responsible for the destruction of Philadelphia?

I have enclosed a photo of the offense for your records.  I will also be distributing this through the various forms of social media and of course to the producers of “Parking Wars”.  I am sure they will be interested in it as well.  If I have learned anything from reality TV it’s that the producers of the shows want to be as accurate and truthful as possible. 

Now I am not looking to be paid off, remember I am a law-abiding citizen.  I only want the amount I was charged for doing the same thing your employee did.  The total of the two tickets was 178.00 (it was actually more because the payment was late, but that was my fault, not yours).


John Romano

Law-abiding citizen

Master Parallel Parker


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2 responses to “A letter I sent to the Philadelphia Parking Authority

  1. John Sr.

    I admire your sense of justice. However, I envision a picture of you car with your make, model and tags including a picture of your driver’s license posted at every PPA’s facility. Good luck with your quest Don Quiote.

  2. Kara '08

    Sooooo, this was uber funny Romano. When I first say you post it to your fb page I was a little skeptical and left it at that. My curiosity has been tugging at my brain strings since and I decided to read it. Your reference to Batman was superb and completely taboo fo the occassion (i believe to be the best part). lol I might actually read your blog more often. Thanks for being an upstanding citizen…it’s hilarious. lol

    kara f.

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