All I wanted was a good song…

…and a fair friend.

I am not quick with the accolades for new musicians.  I am not going to lie, nothing has been doing it for me lately and I have fallen into a musical rut where I am not that impressed, not feel like giving the time to some musician who sounds like everybody else.

However I have been moved.   Call it boredom on a Friday night, call it convenient because the bar where he was playing was 4 blocks away, call it being a friend to Ken who had no one to go with, but no matter you call it, I know it was fate.

As I waited for Langhorne Slim to take the stage, yes he is from Langhorne, PA, a rural town not far from Philly, I wasn’t expecting much.  Ken had the ability to make even the shittiest bands sound like the next Led Zeppelin.   However as soon as they took the stage I knew it was going to last.

What got me most at the concert was his energy, he was into his music, and because he was into it the crowd was into it, but more so, he loved the fans.  He loved them so much he invited a bunch on stage to sing with him.  Check out this clip I shot with my phone.   20 seconds into the video is where it gets awesome…..

But after the show it was his albums that kept me company.   It hit me when I was walking to school.  It was a rough morning, had a restless night, wasn’t feeling the day at all.   I put on my headphones and as the cold wind blew and I hunkered down into my self this song started pouring into my soul….

As the music filled my being and the filth of Philadelphia blew by me I felt the hair on the back of my neck and forearms stand on end.  I felt the tingling at the base of my brain stem and a small shot of dopamine coursed through my veins.   I closed my eyes and was transported back to Devil’s Pass in Alaska, hiking through the wild.  I was instantly in East Africa, hundreds of miles from civilization, and then I entered my childhood memories where buckets of frogs sloshed around and all I wore was a pair of shorts and the world was a wonderful place where pain was still a foreign concept to me, shaggy haired and a smiling…. I hadn’t been moved like this by music in years.

I don’t know if it’s his style, or the fact that he rides in the back of a pickup playing guitar with a dog that just gets me, but hell, it just gets me…

I remember the first time I listened to his album I couldn’t believe that as each song came on I liked it more than the one before it, and before I knew it I was on the last track and I replayed the whole album again.

But there was moment, one song that haunted me, it got me to the point where for the first time in years I felt tears well up in my eyes and was overwhelmed.   I guess it was because of my deep love for Aqila and a recent bout of nightmares where she dies that the emotion of losing love was so close to my  surface.  Just watch the video, think of someone you love, read the lyrics, and I challenge you not to be moved….

Why did you come if you can’t stay forever?

How could you leave me all alone on this earth?
Who was I before you?
I can’t remember.
Why couldn’t I have been the one to leave here first?

I love you, but goodbye.
I love you, but goodbye

No words of wisdom could make me feel better.
Lately I’m having hard days and I curse the night.
Maybe I’ll fly far away and try to forget her.
Maybe I’ll stay right here where I am and get on with my life.
She said,” I love you but goodbye.”
I love you, but goodbye.
A bird with clipped wings can still sing but no longer fly.

What are we here for?
Who makes the decision?
For every beginning there must come an end.
I want to thank you honey for that all you’ve given.
I want to thank you.
I want to thank you for being my friend.

I love you, but goodbye.
I love you, but goodbye
I love you, but goodbye.
I love you, but goodbye


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One response to “All I wanted was a good song…

  1. i’ve had it better than some and i know that i shouldn’t complain
    though my grandfather told me once that all pain hurts the same…


    makes me think of the last few miles before the cabin. looking back on it, it was exactly what we needed to have happen.

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