We Can Rebuild Him…

…we have the technology.

On my bathroom mirror there is a row of dates and corresponding weights dating back to January 4th 2010.  

This morning I noticed it was January 4th 2011.  I looked at those dates and weights and noticed last year on this date I weighed 230 pounds.  Today I weighed in at 235 pounds.   I also noticed that on May 1st of 2010 I weighed 210 pounds.

Today on my mirror I wrote in big numbers “232”, because next Tuesday when I weigh myself I need to be 3 pounds less.  I am challenging myself to lose 30 pounds in the next 4 months.  A VERY do-able number.

I figure if I exercise and eat a good diet I can easily lose 6-8 pounds a month if not more.   Because I have been over-eating the initial weight loss should be easy, but it will get more difficult as the weeks go on.   There is no doubt I can cure a lot of my stomach and intestinal issue with good diet.   Cut out fatty foods, sugar, starches, load up on lean proteins, fruits, seeds, and vegetables.

In essence, reawaken the neanderthal within.  I need to delve deep inside my DNA and shake the sleeping hominid awake.  Wake him up, brush away the debris of junkfood and sugar that has been knocking him out.  

 I need to pick him up, put a spear in his hand, let him taste a bit of blood and prepare him for the hunt.

I need to rebuild the Organic Machine.

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  1. Nana

    John,have you had any results from the test you had . Nana

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