I bent over to tie my shoe…

….and time walked by me….uninvaded (that’s for you Tennyson).

As we get older the need for accomplishment grows greater.   We feel the stress and anxiety of a life racing toward a finish line that we can’t see.    I have news for you, we all cross the finish line, some sooner than later, and hopefully you won’t cruise over the line in a pristine, well oiled, vehicle…..no, hopefully you will skid over the line sideways, smoke pouring out, and dents all over….a vehicle that states, well a vehicle that says you didn’t slow down on the blind curve, sure you hit the guardrail, but damn it was fun.   A vehicle that has scratches and dents from colliding with other vehicles along the way.  You didn’t just stay in your lane, you swerved from one side to the next, bumping into others and having some close calls….and good laughs.

What I do know is that one day I am going to die.   I will cease to exist and it will just end.   I am OK with it, but I also know the secret.

Be kind to the people in your life, your family and friends, because we all pass from this world on our own, but its nice to have people you love see you off.  To know that when you are gone, you are missed.

There is a culture these days.  It goes something like this.. “I am an asshole, if you don’t like, deal with it”.  While it seems to be the cool way to act now, it will bite you in the ass on your death bed.

I find it amazing that people can’t see the benefit of being nice.   I have a selfish side, there is no doubt, but I have learned there is a great satisfaction in putting your own needs aside, whether it be the need to lash out at someone, or the need to just lock yourself away from everyone else.   When you do this, a calming sense of being envelopes you and soon you realize that things aren’t as bad as I made them out to be.

Just be nice, it will pay great dividends in the end.

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  1. Mom

    I like that …..

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